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Archived Posts

Looking For Some New Direction In The Market

by Greg Schnell

One of the hardest parts about investing, is staying with the constant rotation of sectors. Amazon is already down more than $100 since the high last week. Gulp! While it's only 10%, $100 a share is an ouch. As the Nasdaq 100 has been a little soft of late, I thought I would look for oversold stocks that are starting to improve on the weekly. There are a lot of them in energy...  Read More

Southern Co (SO) Looks Up

by Greg Schnell

Southern Co (SO) is a utility company with a pretty intriguing chart this week.  THe SCTR got very low and is starting to move above 30, which is one style of trade I like. The Relative strength is clearly out of favor, so that is a major drawback. The price action has oscillated above and below the $48.50 level for the last year and this week closed back above it.  What I like most...  Read More

DP Weekly Wrap: Top Still Not Resolved

by Carl Swenlin

Last week it looked as if the market was beginning to form a top, but that result still hasn't been realized. SPY continued to churn sideways, and the daily PMO came within a hair of crossing down through its signal line. There is still evidence that there is a top in the making, and we'll be looking at that below. The DecisionPoint Weekly Wrap presents an end-of-week assessment of  Read More