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Archived News

Are Biotechs Poised To Surge? If So, Consider This Giant

by Tom Bowley

Market Recap for Monday, July 2, 2018 A brief recap from yesterday: All of our major indices climbed higher with renewed leadership from the NASDAQ and Russell 2000.  Technology (XLK, +0.89%) and utilities (XLU, +0.71%) led the action, while energy (XLE, -1.47%) was very weak.  Given the jump in crude oil prices this morning, though, I'd expect to see the XLE make another run at  Read More

7/2 MWL Recap - Monday Setups - RRG & NDX - July DecisionPoint Review

by Erin Swenlin

  Welcome to the recap of today's MarketWatchers LIVE show, your antidote for the CNBC/FBN lunchtime talking heads. Listen and watch a show devoted to technical analysis of the stock market with live market updates and symbols that are hot. The show runs throughout the day on StockCharts TV or you can find the latest episode on the  Read More

Markets do Trend!

by Greg Morris

For the last couple of decades, I have classified myself as a trend follower.  Mind you, this is not market timing.  Market timing involves guessing at tops and bottoms.  A trend follower will NEVER get in at the bottom or out at the top.  It depends on how quickly his/her trend measures identify a trend that determines when to go long after a bottom and exit after a  Read More

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July Market Round Up With Martin Pring 2018-07-01

by Martin Pring

Here is the link to my current thoughts about the global markets.  Good luck and good charting, Martin J. Pring The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of  Pring Turner Capital Group of Walnut Creek or its affiliates.  Read More

Watch Potential Channel Support On The NASDAQ 100

by Tom Bowley

Market Recap for Friday, June 29, 2018 The first half of 2018 ended on Friday in bifurcated fashion, which is fitting given that most of 2018 has seen bifurcated action thus far.  The NASDAQ gained nearly 9% in the first six months, with the Russell 2000 not too far behind, gaining more than 7%.  The S&P 500, however, saw only a 1.7% rise and the Dow Jones ended the first  Read More