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High Yield Corporate Bonds Greenlight Breakout


High-yield corporate bonds are pointing to higher equity prices.  The iShares IBOXX High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (HYG) formed a nice cup-with-handle formation, broke out above the prior high, came back to re-test the breakout point, and then rallied to new highs.  This is a very powerful chart pattern, and is indicating a risk-off market environment (see Chart 1).  The VanEck Vectors International High Yield Bond ETF (IHY) paints a similar picture (see Chart2), as it responds to the strong up-moves in European equity markets.  IHY shows a high correlation to the S&P 500 index, which implies that rising equity prices have pushed these funds higher.  Thus, high yield bonds ETFs are strongly implying a risk-on market environment.  We search for the strongest industry groups responding to the high yield bond signal.


Chart 1: HYG, the iShares iBoxx High Yield Corporate Bond ETF is suggesting a risk-on environment with this powerful chart.  We see a clear cup-with-handle before the breakout, followed by a re-test of the breakout level.  Multiple new highs soon followed with good momentum, pushing the CTM above 95.


Chart 2: The VanEck Vectors International High Yield Bond Fund (IHY) is rallying to new highs. Note the high correlation to US large-cap indexes (see lower panel) and a high CTM.


US Equity Markets are Treading Water

The US equity markets (other than the QQQ / XLK) have not received the risk-off memo from the high yield bond ETFs.  The Dow 30 has yet to make a new high this month (See Chart 3) and the Equal Weight S&P 500 ETF (RSP) is moving sideways (see Chart 4).  The path of least resistance from the Russell 1000 universe roll-up reflects this split personality: the short- and medium-term path is now lower (see Chart 5).

Chart 3: The Dow 30 has traded in narrow ranges since March, and has not made a new high this month.


The Guggenheim Equal Weight S&P 500 ETF has moved laterally under overhead resistance, showing a lack of momentum.   Observe that a similar narrow consolidation in January led to an upside breakout.

Chart 4: The Equal Weight S&P 500 ETF (RSP) has moved sideways of late, showing a loss of upside momentum. (See updated chart here.)


Path of Least Resistance Turns Lower in Short-to-Medium- Term

Chart 5: The path of least resistance is lower in the short- and medium-term, flat on the intermediate-term and up on the long-term.  Please see my post on trend-following models for details.


Six Strong US Industry Groups ($BTK, $DDX, $DRG,  $HWI, $SOX, $XCI)

I used the 25-day Aroon indicator to rank the top US industry groups that are featured in the market summary.  Pharmaceuticals are breaking out ($BTK and $DRG), and computers/chips/hardware have been strong for quite some time ($DDX, $HWI, $SOX, $XCI).  So these groups are clearly responding to the risk-off environment (see Chart 6). 

I first created a chart list using the top US industry groups from the market summary available in the middle "box" in the member home page.  I then displayed the charts in a Candle Glance array.  In the available drop down boxes in the upper left corner, I chose a 6-month period and used the Aroon indicator to sort the list in descending order.  The six strongest industry groups are shown below.


Chart 6: The six strongest US Industry groups ranked using the 25-day Aroon indicator.



High-yield bonds ETFs are suggesting a risk-on market environment.  European and Brazilian stocks have responded cheerfully. However, our markets remain subdued, and we are running out of time before the June swoon.

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