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Tushar Chande

Tushar Chande, PhD, MBA has two decades of experience trading the futures markets. He has developed many breakthrough technical indicators which are immensely popular*, and is the author of many books and scientific papers. In addition to his work published on, you can also follow Tushar at or

* Typical Google search results:  Aroon Oscillator – 410,000; stochRSI – 363,000; VIDYA  - 86,000

Books by Tushar

- "The New Technical Trader: Boost Your Profit By Plugging Into The Latest Indicators"

(Tushar S. Chande and Stanley Kroll, John Wiley & Sons (1994) ISBN 0-471-59780-5)


-  "Beyond Technical Analysis"

(Tushar S Chande, John Wiley & Sons (1997) ISBN 0-471-16188-8)


- "Beyond Technical Analysis", 2nd Edition"

(Tushar S Chande, John Wiley & Sons (2001) ISBN 0-471-41657-7)


- “Financial Plans for Successful Wealth Management in Retirement”

(Tushar Chande,  Lulu Publishing (2016), ISBN 978-1-4834-5696-6)

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