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IMPROVEMENTS TO PREDEFINED SCAN RESULTS - We've been hard at work improving our predefined scan results page so that you can quickly see which scans have had the biggest improvements over the course of the past day.  We now have red and green bars that show you the difference in the scan results from the previous trading day.  We've also grouped our scan results into (generally) bullish and bearish scans.  That means that if you see a bunch of red bars by the "bullish" scans and a bunch of long green bars by the "bearish" scans, the market has probably moved lower (and vice versa).  Check it out!

Chip Anderson
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Where on your site is this predefined scan result listed? REPLY: There is a link in the "Links" section of our Home page.
It would be nice if there was an option for members to create a personal chart list from the predefined scan results. I realize that one can be built from the Scan Engine, but this would be easier for those who aren't really proficient at building scans.
Great work on scan results. Makes it a lot easier to see at a glance what is happening in the markets. As an unrelated suggestion, it would be nice if moving averages and histograms could be color coded so they are red when they are falling and green when they are rising - thanks!
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