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Bringing DecisionPoint Features to

Today, I am thrilled to announce that has acquired

In case you are not aware, was created back in 1992(!) by Carl Swenlin.  It initially started as an old AOL message board but soon morphed into a website. quickly built a reputation for precision charting, great market timing signals, and a wide range of unique market indicators.  In 2001, they partnered with us in a deal that allowed them to use our original SharpCharts technology to create the charts on the website.

After many years in that successful partnership, Carl and I have decided to merge his website with so that DecisionPoints features can be used by a broader audience.  We are especially exciting about what happens when you combine DecisionPoint features with StockCharts features like scanning, saved custom charts and chart annotations.

As a result of this merger, starting today, you are now have access to a large number of new features that used to only be available on the website.  The even better news is that all of these new features are available at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

(Note for current members:  If you haven't seen it already, check your email for a message from Carl explaining exactly how the merger affects your existing DecisionPoint account.)

So what are some of these new features?  Here's the current list:

  • The "DP Price Momentum Oscillator (PMO)" - one of the core indicators used by Carl over the years for his timing signals.  You'll now find it in the "Indicators" dropdown for our SharpCharts.

  • The "Zoom Thumbnail" - an option that lets you add a magnified version of the right side of the chart on the right side of the chart.  Look for the checkbox on the right side of the Chart Attributes area below our SharpCharts.

  • Lots and Lots and Lots of Market Indexes - All DecisionPoint indexes have ticker symbols that start with "!".  To see a complete list (there are over 1300!), click on the link below:!

  • The "Legends" settings that we rolled out last week.

  • Some new DP-oriented Color Schemes - you'll find them at the bottom of the "Color Scheme" dropdown.

  • The "DecisionPoint" blog - a new blog for StockCharts users written by Erin Heim, Carl's daughter. For those of you who do not know Erin, she has been officially helping her Dad with the website since 2002 (and actually for much longer than that behind the scenes). Her new role as a commentator for StockCharts will allow her to greatly expand her ability to educate people about DecisionPoint features. Click here to see Erin's initial post and keep an eye out for lots of other new articles in the coming days and weeks.

In addition to those features, there are many more features that will be appearing soon on including:

  • ChartSchool articles about all of the new DecisionPoint indicators.  Over 20 new articles on each of the various DecisionPoint indicators, indexes and analysis techniques.

  • The "DecisionPoint Trend and Condition Chart Gallery" will be a new area of our site containing the most popular charts from the DecisionPoint website.  Once you are familiar with them - and Erin's blog will help with that - these charts can quickly give you some unique insights into the current health of the market.

  • "DecisionPoint ChartPacks" - a collection of ChartPacks contains all of the existing charts on the current website.

  • "Unique DecisionPoint Scans and Alerts" - ways for you to add the power of DecisionPoint's indicators and signals to your custom scans and alerts.

  • And much more!  We are still brainstorming on ways to best incorporate this huge collection of content into our site.

The timeline for adding these additional features has everything in place by the end of March (hopefully sooner).  Some of the items listed above are very close to being completed right now - for instance the ChartSchool articles should be up sometime next week.  The DP Chart Gallery is also close to complete.  Watch the "What's New" area of the Home page for the latest additions.

By adding the DecisionPoint feature set to we have continued to increase the value of our site to our users without increasing our prices.  Carl and I hope everyone benefits from these new capabilities.  After you've had a chance to use them for a while, we'd love to hear your feedback.

- Chip


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