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Commodities Countdown

Is The Big Picture On Energy About To Change Away From Fossil Fuel?

by Greg Schnell

These charts are some of the highlights of The Canadian Technician webinar on Tuesday, November 24th. That webinar can be seen by following this link. The Canadian Technician 20151124. During the presentation, I made a case that some of the solar charts are pushing up against long-term downtrend lines and this is an important time to watch. An example...  Read More

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DecisionPoint Alert

Holiday Trading = Neutral to Bullish

by Erin Heim

The trend remains bullish across the DecisionPoint Scoreboards, however momentum is mixed. You'll see on the SPY that the PMO has turned down before a positive crossover. The same happened to all four indexes listed below. What's interesting are the charts of the small and mid caps, they have just had positive PMO crossovers and continue to rally. You'll find out more in today's webinar (you  Read More

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Martin Pring's Market Roundup

Time To Watch Those Commodities Like A Hawk

by Martin Pring

CRB Composite touches a 40-year low but is deeply oversold Oil is also at critical support Short-term commodity picture finely balanced but narrowly favors the bears Dollar Index is back at its March 2015 high Some short-term dollar indicators starting to roll over Long-term commodity picture Chart 1 shows that the CRB Composite ($CRB) has fallen back to a...  Read More

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Market Message


by John Murphy

THANKSGIVING TREAT ... Stocks are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday in an optimistic mood. That's not unusual. According to the Stock Trader's Almanac, the Wednesday before and the Friday after Thanksgiving are up days most of the time. Following that, stocks enter December which is usually the strongest month of the year. And stocks are in a stronger technical condition. Chart 1  Read More

Don't Ignore This Chart!

Home Construction iShares Goes for a Breakout

by Arthur Hill

After lagging the market in October, the Home Construction iShares (ITB) is perking up with a breakout on the price chart and upturn in the price relative. ITB peaked in August and fell into September.  Even though the market rallied in October and early November, ITB did not partake and continued to underperform as the price relative (ITB:SPY ratio) continued lower.  There was a lot  Read More

Trading Places with Tom Bowley

Weak Start Tuesday, Bulls Roar Back

by Tom Bowley

Market Recap for Tuesday, November 24, 2015 Apparently, the U.S. stock market's shock absorbers are working just fine.  After being dealt multiple blows in the early pre-market action - (1) weak European indices, (2) a list of poor quarterly results from the retail space and (3) a rise in global tensions stemming from Turkey shooting down a Russian warplane and the U.S...  Read More

Tue, Nov 24


Mid-Caps and Small-Caps Trigger PMO Crossover BUY Signals

by Erin Heim

Interestingly, small- and mid caps received Price Momentum Oscillator (PMO) crossover BUY signals before the large cap indexes. In last weekend's ChartWatchers article I pointed...  Read More

Mon, Nov 23

RRG Charts

Negative sector rotation expected for XLE and XLB

by Julius de Kempenaer

Summary XLE and XLB expected to turn back to lagging quadrant again XLI improving further towards leading XLK holding up well inside positive territory XLP and XLU both weakening but wider rotation for XLU XLF bottoming out in relative trading range? Quick scan The Relative Rotation Graph above shows the sector rotation of US sector ETFs against the S&P 500 index. A quick scan of the  Read More

Fri, Nov 20

The Traders Journal

Your Investing Pipeline to Profits

by Gatis Roze

It might be human nature, but it's not a good thing.  In my Tensile Trading seminars, investors study six essential stages of stock market mastery before they ever arrive at Stage #7 – Buying.  This foundation building is imperative if investors expect to achieve consistent profitability, but it takes some convincing.   Human nature makes investors want to take action by buying...  Read More

Wyckoff Power Charting

Wyckoff Walk Around the Clock

by Bruce Fraser

We have just completed a walk around the classic market cycle. Let us take some time for review before we move on to other aspects of the Wyckoff Method. If we are all on the same page regarding the structure of prices during each stage of Accumulation, Markup, Distribution and Markdown, then we can speak the same Wyckoffian language as we move onward. There is richness to the Wyckoff Method  Read More

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Art's Charts

Lines in the Sand -- A Broad Surge is Upon Us -- Friday Food for Thought

by Arthur Hill

Lines in the Sand for Three Key ETFs    //    SPY and IJR are Bullish    //    MDY is Lagging    //    Using Weekly Breadth Indicators    //    High-Low Percent Stalls for NYSE and Nasdaq    //   Will a Broad Surge follow the Broad Decline?    //   Scan Code for Rate-of-Change and  Read More

Thu, Nov 19

Dancing with the Trend

Past Performance is no Guarantee of Future Results

by Greg Morris

There is no doubt that investors are attracted by positive performance.  Unfortunately, most investors stop there and never accomplish the due diligence to confirm that the returns are meaningful.  In most cases they usually place entirely too much emphasis on performance without putting it into the context of the market or the ever-important philosophy behind the strategy. Here's a...  Read More

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