The Traders Journal

February 2018

The Traders Journal

Free Style Tips: How I Organize My Custom ChartStyles!

by Grayson Roze

Well, I did it again. Yesterday morning, I joined Tom Bowley and Erin Swenlin on MarketWatchers LIVE as part of the weekly "Everything StockCharts" segment, which covers important tips, tricks and other information that all StockCharts users can benefit from. My appearance was a demonstration in styleChartStyle! With my very own StockCharts account up on the screen, I showed off the custom ChartStyles I use daily and explained how I've organized them (using StyleButtons) to maximize my use of the ShapCharts Workbench. My ChartStyles have Read More 

The Traders Journal

Two Icons Reveal the Same Secret to Success

by Gatis Roze

Steve Jobs famously challenged everyone when he said, “We’re here to put a dent in the universe.  Otherwise, why else be here?” I was fortunate recently to spend a couple of days in Napa Valley at the DENT 2018 conference. There’s nothing like spending quality time with lots of exceptional people to get oneself re-energized and refocused.  Not unlike our upcoming Investor Boot Camp. The wisdom, insights and passion at DENT 2018 covered a very wide spectrum, of topics.  But since my soundtrack translates much of what I experience back to investing, those are the Read More