How can I Create Black-Neon Green P&F Charts?

Arthur Hill | 
SharpCharts users are no doubt aware of the many different color schemes available for bar and candlestick charts. Many of these color schemes are also available for our P&F charts. The “Night, Neon Green” setting is one of my favorites because the price moves stand out so well. Chartists can change chart colors by using the drop down box for “color scheme”. Checking the “colored bars” box will turn the O-Columns red and leave the X-Columns green. As the chart below shows, 3M (MMM) broke the Bullish Support Line with a sharp decline in October and there is now a Bearish Resistance Line extending down from the October high.

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 12.31.47
Click this image for a live chart.
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