RRG Charts

AAPL up to no good?

The Relative Rotation Graph with the Dow Jones Industrials stocks once again shows some interesting moves. There are a few long tails that catch my attention for a quick inspection but in this article, I want to pay a closer look at some stocks with remarkably short tails. One of them being Apple Inc. (AAPL).

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What does a stock with an RS-Momentum value of 105 equate to in respect of time?

Last week I received a question from a StockCharts.com user on RRG charts via e-mail. Usually, I try to answer such questions in 1-1 fashion by replying to the particular email. Most of the time this involves pointing to information on Relative Rotation Graphs that is already present in some ChartSchool articles.

However the question at hand could be something that more people might wonder about, and although I think it could be answered by just pointing to some chartschool articles, it may need some extra clarification.

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Big stock rotation among Dow Jones Industrials members


  • Big rotation among members of the Dow Jones Industrials Index
  • DD came to life surprisingly strong
  • CVX and UTX still expected to rotate back down again to lagging quadrant
  • WMT, CAT and IBM all moving further into the lagging quadrant confirming their relative weakness
  • UNH and AXP entering the danger zone
  • MCD and GE strong inside leading quadrant

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Watch technology (XLK) for positive sector rotation


  • Health Care (XLV) catching a cold as it is rolling over
  • Financials (XLF) at crossroads, needing to unlock one of two scenarios in coming weeks
  • Energy and Materials gaining relative momentum inside the improving quadrant, but follow-through is questionable
  • Utilities, Staples and Discretionary stable inside the leading quadrant
  • Information Technology the sector to watch for further improvement in coming weeks.


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Intel (INTC) power inside!

In my recurring cycle of blog subjects, it is time to take a look at the components of the Dow Jones Industrials index again.

Once again there is a lot to see on the Relative Rotation Graph for this universe. We have GS, JPM and DIS nose-diving into the lagging quadrant on the bottom of the chart. Opposite of that, we find INTC racing into the leading quadrant with a long tail and at very high JdK RS-Momentum levels. On the (far) left side of the chart we find three stocks moving almost vertically into or nearing the improving quadrant but these moves are suspect to me and I'll explain to get deeper into that further down in this article. And finally we find a number of stable outperformers on the right-hand side and inside the leading quadrant. Names like NKE, HD, MCD and AXP are catching my eye. 

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