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Scans Alt Uses, Add Stock Names to a Fav List


In case you're not familiar with the method of using the "Add Many" function for creating a new list or adding to an existing list, I will start with a brief over and then show you how to use the scan function to add stock names to that list.   The "Add Many" function is handy because it allows you to add up to 500 symbols to a list at once, however the drawback is you don't get the company names like you would if entering them one at a time, you'll just see the term "Default Style".
Note this method applies to StockCharts members of the Extra level or higher.

Here's one of my lists on Yahoo which I use to monitor news and events.  I like Yahoo because of the ability to customize your watch lists in almost any format you want, but their charting is nowhere near StockCharts.

1 bulk1

So I'll pull up the list on "Rails" and select edit, which will bring up the portfolio editing screen.  I can then select all the stock symbols in the portfolio and copy them.
1 bulk2

Now open the "Create a New List" window on Stockcharts, input the list name "Rail" and hit "OK."

At the bottom of the new list, under the "Add Many" section, paste in the stock symbol list.  If the list is from Yahoo or another source which does not use commas to separate the symbols you'll have to add them now.  The commas don't have to be right after the symbol, anywhere between the symbols is fine. 

Now we have our new list with stock symbols but we don't have the company names, just "Default Style."  For me that’s fine, I can get by with just the symbols but some users prefer to also see the name.  If you only need to add 1 or 2 names you could use the "edit info" button for each stock, this pulls up another window where you can add the name and comments.  

Lets say there are too many to enter manually so lets use the scan method.  Pull up an "Advanced Scan" window and remove all default criteria by deleting it.  Then, select the ChartList from the "ChartLists" dropdown and click the "Insert" button. Then, click on the "Run Scan" button. 

Now we see the scan output table, complete with the company names. Click on the dropdown for "Available Actions" and select "Replace and existing ChartList with these results."  

Here is a "Summary" view of the ChartList with the chart descriptions.

One final note of caution, this system works best with a new list.  If you have lists which contain charts with annotations, different time frames and different indicators on each chart, then be careful.  It is very easy to overwrite your entire list with these new scan results and replace all the charts with new ones using your default chart style.

One more trick for the toolbox, happy scanning.

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Great procedure!!!!, and well written and well presented. MORE,MORE,MORE Edit Gord: Thanks Ron, I'll keep em coming, whenever time permits.
A few weeks ago, I requested that the default name from "Add Many" procedure should be similar to the one given by the scanner. This technique is a reasonable work-around until the "Add Many" procedure itself can be tweaked so that we can avoid the extra step. Edit Gord: Thanks for the comments Tim. Yes I've also submitted many ideas for StockCharts to add to the USER wish list. I'm sure its a pretty long list, but I know with the continuous improvements they are working away at it, however I also know that unfortunately, some things will just never make it to the top of the list. In the mean time there are often little tricks like this one which can be used as a workaround.
Before I dump the symbols into "add many" I paste to excel, then use the "concatenate" function to add commas. Then, I paste that into "add many." Saves time if it's a long list and works like a charm. Edit Gord: Thanks Walter thats an excellent tip. Yes I also use Excel for the same thing along with other uses, I probably should have included that tip here but was trying to keep things simple at first. Also lots of other ways to copy info and lists from other web sources into Excel and then parse (text to columns) to extract specific info, but many are a little messy and difficult to explain.
Can you please ask these StockChart guys to include the average volume in the screened list? Also i want the screened list directly in EDIT mode so that I can select the stocks that are interesting to me and then add them to a favorute list. Edit Gord: Yes these are interesting ideas and would require the ability for each user to customize the output screen to their own needs. I'm sure its already on the wish list for future improvements, but I think this one would require some major programming work.
The post comment filter...those sketchy letters too hard to read. Can you ask them to make it a little more clear please? Edit Gord: Rasappa, not sure what "sketchy letters" you are referring to ?? where are they ??
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