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August 2011

Scan coding sample blocks

Hi all from the 3rd floor of the Red Lion in Seatle, ChartCon has been wonderful and educational.  I hope all who are in attendance are enjoying it as much as I am, many many thanks to Chip and the whole team for putting on this exceptional event.  I'm sure the next one will be even better, but I'm not sure how you're going to do that Chip.

This mornings sessions covered the scanning engine and there were many questions on how to set up scans and whether there were any libraries of standard scan coding.  There are many predefined scans on the website which you can look at and learn from, I recommend you study them closely.

However in order to help get you started here are a few Advanced scan coding sections, these are provided just to get you thinking of different things you can do and how the general format of the coding is set up.

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Scanning for an overlay of an indicator


Is it possible to use an EMA of an indicator in a scan? For example, If I wanted to know when RSI(5) is above a 3-period EMA of RSI(5)?
I know you can use sma(60,volume), for example, but volume doesn't have a parameter. When I try to introduce an indicator parameter to similar phrasing, I get syntax errors. It doesn't "get" RSI(5,5) or EMA(5,RSI(5)).
Any help would be appreciated.

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Building a Scan, Q&A


"...I'm hoping someone can help me with some criteria for setting up a scan.... I came up with a description in words, but other than item 1 and 2, not sure how to input things into

1. Stock must trade over 500,000 shares average for last 20 days
2. Greater than $5
3. Stock must have traded above the 200 DEMA for 20 days or more
4. Stock must be in decline
5. Stock must trade at less than 105% of the 200 DEMA

I define the pivot as the following, using candlesticks:
A down bar, followed by a bar that opens lower and closes higher, and the final bar opens down or equal to the previous bar’s close, and closes higher on the day.

I'm probably asking a lot for the pivot part and I'm cool with eye balling that part if necessary...."

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