What's New

Redesigned Free Charts Page!

Redesigned Free Charts Page! – If you haven't already noticed, we've completely redesigned our Free Charts page.  The new layout is cleaner, easier to use and scales beautifully across all device sizes, from desktop down to mobile. Click here to check it out!

New and Improved ChartSchool

New and Improved ChartSchool – We've completely redesigned ChartSchool, our extensive educational resource for investors of all levels. The new and improved ChartSchool design is simpler to navigate, easier to search, and works wonderfully on mobile devices. Click here to give it a look!

Redesigned Blogs Page!

Redesigned Blogs Page! – As you've probably noticed, we've redesigned our main blogs page.  This update comes alongside the revamp to the look of our blog articles that we rolled out in 2015.  The new designs are easier to read and work better on mobile devices.  If you haven't seen the new look, click here to check it out!

New Web Page Design Rolling Out for the StockCharts Blogs

New Web Page Design Rolling Out for the StockCharts Blogs - You may have noticed already but we are slowly rolling out a new design for our blogs.  We think the new design is easier to read, cleaner, and better for mobile devices.  We hope you agree.  You'll see it on more and more of our blogs over the course of the coming weeks.  As always, send us your feedback.

Tushar Chande Joins StockCharts.com's Commentary Team

Tushar Chande Joins StockCharts.com's Commentary Team - Dr. Chande invented several of the techincal indicators on our website and is now contributing articles to our Top Advisor's Corner blog.  Click here to read his first contribution.

SCTR Universes Rebalanced for 2015

SCTRs Rebalanced for 2015 - We have just updated our SCTR universes for Large-, Mid- and Small-cap US stocks.  We started with the latest Russell 2000 membership list and worked our way up from there.  Starting Wednesday, you will now find new stocks that have SCTR values!