Technical Alerts

Technical Alerts


Technical Alerts continually search our entire database of ticker symbols looking for symbols that meet your exact technical criteria. When the number of ticker symbols that meet your criteria changes in a specified way, we will send you an Alert via either email, SMS text message, or via an alert bar on our SharpCharts workbench.

Both the Technical Alerts and the Advanced Scans use the same Advanced Scan Syntax, making it very easy to convert a working Advanced Technical Scan into a Technical Alert.

For example, the following alert will be triggered whenever the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU) moves above 20,000:

[symbol = '$INDU'] and [close x 20000]

Predefined Technical Alerts automatically runs a large number of important Predefined Technical Alerts during the trading day. When these predefined alerts are triggered, we post a message about them on our Twitter feed for everyone to see. We also add them to our Pre-defined Technical Alerts Notification page.

Predefined Technical Alerts are available for everyone to see. You do not need to be a member to see those results; however, as the name implies, you cannot change or create new predefined alerts.


Custom Technical Alerts

Extra and Pro members can create and install their own Custom Technical Alerts using whatever technical criteria they want. Extra members can create and install up to 5 different Alerts while Pro members can create and install up to 50.

To create, edit and install a Custom Technical Alert, you need to use the Technical Alert Workbench. Conveniently, that workbench is very similar to the Advanced Scan Workbench.

You can access the Technical Alert Workbench from the “Members” page after you have logged into your account. The link is near the bottom of the “Control Center” area on the Members page.

For more information on using the Technical Alert Workbench, please click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I only get 1 alert per day?
A: Alerts are based on daily data. So, once an alert is triggered you will not receive another notification for the day. You may see a second after the market closes while the scan engines are being updated.

Q: What are the different ways I can receive an alert?
A: Users can select to be notified when their alert criteria is met via email, SMS or on the workbench page. If you select the email option you will be provided with the first 100 symbols that match your alert criteria.

Q: How often is the alert engine updated?
A: The alert engine updates every 3-5 minutes.

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