Public ChartLists: Viewer Instructions

Public ChartLists: Viewer Instructions

Public ChartLists are collections of charts that a member has chosen to share publicly on There are several key reasons that members may choose to do that:

  1. They wish to educate others about their opinions of the markets and/or various investing and stock-picking techniques.
  2. They wish to become better investors themselves by being “forced” to document their technical analysis techniques and conclusions.
  3. They wish to become known as a popular technical analyst.

A link to the Public ChartList area appears on the right side of the Charts & Tools page in the “Additional Tools & Reports” area. You can also see the top 5 Public ChartLists on the right side of the Blogs page, with a link to see all Public ChartLists.

Public List Ranking, Followers and Votes

Periodically, all lists are ranked according to several different popularity factors including unique visitors, votes from members, “followers” and other factors. Lists will initially appear on the Public ChartList page in ranked order. Authors that create popular content consistently will appear higher on the Public ChartList page. A “Follower” is a StockCharts member that has decided to press the “Follow” button for a particular Public ChartList. Usually people “follow” lists that they enjoy reading. When someone follows a list, that list appears with a gold star next to its name. StockCharts members can follow as many lists as they want. They can also choose to unfollow a list at any time. The number of people that follow each list is displayed on the main Public ChartLists page.

StockCharts members can also vote for up to three lists that they like each day by clicking each list's “Vote” button. Votes are displayed on the main Public ChartLists page. Each individual vote's impact on a list's Rank diminishes gradually over time. Old votes are eventually removed from the list's total, so you want to revote for your favorite three lists every day.

It is important to keep in mind that while anyone can view a Public ChartList, only logged in StockCharts members can “Follow” a list and/or “Vote” for it.

Bottom Line: Members should click the “Follow” button for each Public ChartList that they enjoy reading on a regular basis. In addition, every day, they should click the “Vote” button for up to 3 different lists that they enjoyed on that particular day. You only need to Follow a list once, but you can vote for a list as many times as you want (at a rate of once per day).

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Frequently Asked Questions for Viewers

Q: How do I find a particular author's list?
A: There are a couple of options: You can click the “Last Name” link at the top of the Public ChartList rankings to sort the lists by author's last name. You can also simply use your browser's “Find” command (CTRL-F) to search for it. Once you find the list you are looking for, be sure to “Follow” it which will make finding it in the future much easier.

Q: Why should I “follow” a Public ChartList?
A: One reason is that it is much easier to find the lists that you follow and visit them again in the future. Your followed lists have a gold star beside their name and they appear in a special “Lists I am Following” dropdown at the top of each page. Another reason is that it continually rewards the authors that you enjoy reading and allows them to create even better content in the future.

Q: How do I “follow” a Public ChartList?
A: Click on the blue “Follow” button that appears on the right side of the ChartList's page.

Q: Can I “follow” a Public ChartList more than once?
A: No. Following a list is like a switch - it stays on until you “Unfollow” the list.

Q: Can I “vote” for a Public ChartList more than once?
A: Absolutely! In fact, you should vote for up to 3 different lists that you enjoy each day. Votes “expire” over time so you want to continue voting every day for your favorites.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of ChartLists I can follow?
A: No. However, if you follow lots of lists, the benefits that come from following them will decrease (i.e., it will be harder to find specific lists again if you are following most of them).

Q: If I “follow” a list, will I get a bunch of email alerts about it?
A: If you follow a list, you will start receiving a daily email digest alerting you to updates for the lists that you follow. The number of emails you receive is based on how many Public ChartLists you follow. If you do not want to receive the digest emails you will need to unfollow the Public ChartList.

Q: Why can't I vote for Public ChartLists that I like anymore?
A: Only StockCharts members who are logged in to their accounts can vote and/or follow Public ChartLists. The old system - which allowed anyone to vote anonymously - allowed too much abuse of the one-vote-per-day rule. The new system will ensure that no more of that kind of abuse occurs.

Q: How do I contact a Public ChartList author?
A: If the author has enabled “send feedback” you can click the “send feedback” link located on the first page in the upper right corner of the authors public ChartList to contact them via email.