How do I add comments to a chart?

How do I add comments to a chart?

Having the ability to add comments to a chart is a great way for you to point out key items you wish to remember. In this tutorial you will find the steps on how to add comments onto a chart directly using the ChartNotes Annotation tools or how to add comments about a chart using the 10 per page view or edit page.

10 per page view

One way to add comments about a chart is to use the 10 per page view. When viewing charts using this view you will notice a text box located below the chart that says “click here to add comments”. Please click in the box and add your comments regarding the chart. When done hit “Save”.

Edit page

A second easy way to add comments to a chart is to use the “edit” page. When viewing your ChartList on the “edit” screen and you want to add a comment about a chart click “edit info” in the ChartList Contents box.

A pop-up window will appear and in the “Comments” section you can type your comments about the chart and hit OK. The comments you add will appear on the “edit” page in the “Comments” section in the ChartList Contents box.

ChartNotes Callout Tool

The Callout Tool provided in ChartNotes is another option for you to add comments directly onto the SharpChart. The Callout Tool is a great way to annotate specific movements or trends. To use this feature open up your SharpChart in the ChartNotes Annotation window by clicking “annotate” which appears below the SharpChart.

Once your chart appears in the annotation window click the “Callout” icon on the left side toolbar, move to the location within the chart near where you want to insert the callout, and type your text into the box that appears.

Once you have added your comments you can easily add pointers to the box to point to what you are referring to in your comment. To add the pointers please Press/hold down the CTRL key or Command key if using a Mac, click in the center of the box and drag from one of the four corners using the mouse to the location at which the callout pointer should end.

Text Tool

If you want to add free form text about a chart you can use the “Note” tool. Click on the “Note” icon and then create the text box where you want it on the chart. Please enter in your comments and when finished hit CTRL-Enter or click outside the text box.

Remember you can change the color or font size using the horizontal toolbar on the top side of the annotation window.