How Do I Rearrange the Charts in My ChartList

How Do I Rearrange the Charts in My ChartList

Charts in a ChartList are arranged in alphabetic order based on their description. To change the order, insert a “code” at the front of each chart's description using numbers or letters. For this example, we are using “001”, “002”, “003”, etc as the coding scheme.

Open the List You Want to Rearrange in Edit Mode

Click on the “Your ChartLists” link in the Extra Control Center. That will take you to the bottom of the page. Then, find the list you wish to rearrange and click on the “Edit” link for that list to view the list in “Edit View.”

Edit the Chart Name

In “ChartList” Contents” click on the “Edit Info” link for the chart you want to edit the name of. A window will popup where you can edit the chart name (#1) and add comments (#2) about the chart if you would like to. Simply add a number like “001” in front of the chart's name. Use the numbers to control the order of the charts in your list.

Once you are done, click the “OK” to confirm the changes and then repeat the process for the other charts in your list.

Important: Make sure your number has at least 3 digits in it including leading zeros.

Power Tip: If you are unsure of the order you want your charts in, use “0010” “0020” “0030” etc. The extra zero on the right size will allow you to reorder your charts more easily in the future.

Here's what you finished list should look like: