The Members Dashboard

The Members Dashboard

The Members Dashboard is the first page that you see when you log in to your account. You can also access it at any time by clicking on the “Members” tab at the top of any of our pages.

The Members Dashboard is designed to:

  • provide easy access to all of our most important tools and features
  • provide a brief overview of the current market action
  • allow you to quickly access your saved scans and custom alerts
  • allow you to quickly access your saved ChartLists

To accomplish these goals, the Members Dashboard is broken up into several different panels. Each panel is described below.

Control Center

The top-left panel on the dashboard is the Control Center. This panel provides you with quick links to many of our top tools and features. Whether you want to see your custom alerts, create an RRG chart, or dig into the Sector Summary, you'll find a link to it here.

Note: we packed so much good stuff in here that it doesn't fit on one screen, so be sure to hover over the list and scroll down to see all the tools available.

Market Overview

The Market Overview panel contains a quick snapshot of what is currently happening with the major stock markets that we cover. The yellow mini-chart shows you the intraday price action for one full trading day. A dashed line on the chart shows you where yesterday's closing value occurred so you can compare it to today's trading action.

Initially, the chart shows you the action for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but you can use the tabs above the chart to change the display. You can also click on any of the indexes listed in the table below the chart to see that index.

The table below the chart shows you gain/loss for each of the averages listed. When the market is open, the gain/loss is for the current day's price action. When the market is closed, it is for the price action on the most recent trading day.

The blue Market Summary link below the chart will take you to our extensive Market Summary report for more details on the day's market action.

Market Movers

In the Market Movers panel, you can see stocks that are making a move in their respective markets.

The blue dropdown menu at the top left allows you to choose a universe to view:

  • For Top 10 Lists, we currently offer the Dow, S&P 500, NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX, London, and India.
  • For SCTR Reports, we currently offer US ETFs and US Large-Cap, US Mid-Cap, US Small-Cap, Toronto, London, and India stocks.

Once you have chosen your universe, the tabs above the report allow you to view the top stocks based on different criteria:

  • For Top 10 Lists, the 10 most active stocks (“Most Active”) are shown by default, but you can also see the stocks with the biggest percentage gain or loss (”% Up” or ”% Down”).
  • For SCTR Reports, the stocks with the highest SCTR values (“Top 10”) are shown by default, but you can also see those with the lowest SCTR values (“Low 10”), or those that had the biggest gain or loss in SCTR value (“Top Up” or “Top Down”).

Clicking on any of the ticker symbols in the report causes a SharpChart for that ticker symbol to appear.

Below the report are two links - one for “CandleGlance” and one for “RRG”. Clicking on the CandleGlance link will bring up 10 mini-charts for the 10 symbols displayed. Similarly, clicking on the RRG link will bring up an RRG Chart for the 10 symbols displayed.

The reports are updated frequently when the markets are open. The time of the last update is displayed under each report.

Scan Center

The Scan Center panel allows you to quickly manage all your scans.

Clicking the “New Scan” button in the top right of the panel will take you to the Advanced Scan Workbench to create a new scan.

The blue dropdown lets you easily select one of your saved scans. You can either run the scan or edit it, by choosing the appropriate button below the dropdown.

Links at the bottom of the panel provide quick access to both scan workbenches, plus the Predefined Scans and Predefined Alerts pages.

For more information on creating and using scans, please see our Support Center article on Technical Scans.

Alert Center

The Alert Center panel shows you your top 5 custom alerts at a glance, as well as the last time the alert was triggered. Click the “View All Alerts” button at the bottom of the list to go to the Alert Summary and see all your alerts on a single page.

Clicking on the name of an alert in the list opens that alert in the Technical Alert Workbench, so you can edit it.

To create a new Alert, just click the “New Alert” button at the top right of the panel.

For more information on creating and using alerts, please see our Support Center article on Technical Alerts.

Your ChartLists

The Your ChartLists panel at the bottom of the Members Dashboard lets you view, access, and manage all your saved ChartLists from one place.

All your saved ChartLists are shown here in alphabetical order, along with the number of charts and any list notes that have been added.

The “View As” dropdown next to each list allows you to open the ChartList in a number of different views, including 10 Per Page, CandleGlance, and ChartBook view.

Clicking on the ChartList's name will show you the ChartList in Summary view by default. This default setting can be changed by clicking the Gears icon at the top right of the panel, and selecting a new Default ChartList view.

To delete one or more ChartLists, click the “Edit” button at the top right, then check the box to the left of each ChartList you want to delete. Once you have selected all the lists to delete, click the Delete Lists button at the bottom of the page.

You can create a new ChartList from this panel by clicking the “New” button at the top right, or clicking the “Add New List” button at the bottom of the page.

For more information on creating and using ChartLists, please see our Support Center article on ChartLists.

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