Navigating the Website

Navigating the Website

There are several ways to move around For members, the Control Center section of our Members Dashboard contains links to most of the different resources available on the website.

For non-members and members alike, we have helpful links at the top and bottom of all of our pages (the “Page Header” and “Page Footer”), as well as our Site Map and Site Search features.

The Page Header

Most of the pages on our website have an area at the top called The Page Header that can help you navigate to anywhere you need to go. The Page Header contains the following elements:

  • The StockCharts Logo
  • The Utility Links
  • The Main Tabs
  • The Create-a-Chart Bar

You can always return to the StockCharts homepage by clicking on the StockCharts logo in the upper left corner of any of our pages.

In the upper right corner of our pages, there are a collection of links called “Utility” links. This line of links looks different depending on if you are logged in or logged out.

If you are logged out, you will see the following links in the upper right corner of our pages:

  • Login - Members can click this link and enter their User ID and password to log in to their account.
  • Sign Up - Non-members can click this link to learn more about subscribing.
  • Help - Click here to go to our online Support area.

If you are logged in, you will see a slightly different set of links:

  • Welcome [your name]
  • Your Account - Click here to change/update your account settings.
  • Log Out - Click here to log out of your account. Typically you would do this if you were using a shared computer such as the ones found at a public library.
  • Help - Click here to go to our online Support area.

Remember, if you are currently logged in, you will see a “Welcome” message and the “Log Out” link at the top of our pages.

Note: On smaller screens, these utility links might be hidden in a dropdown menu. If this is the case, look for an icon on the right side of the header that has three horizontal lines. Clicking on this will give you access to the utility links.

The Main Tabs

Next to the StockCharts logo at the top of the page are several navigation tabs that you can use to move into each of the main areas of the website. They are:

  • Free Charts - links and descriptions for all of our charting tools
  • ChartSchool - our comprehensive educational articles about technical analysis
  • Blogs - current market commentary from our experts
  • Webinars - sign up to attend one of our popular webinars
  • Members - member-only tools, reports and commentary

Note: On smaller screens, these main tabs might be hidden in a dropdown menu. If this is the case, look for an icon on the right side of the header that has three horizontal lines. Clicking on this will give you access to the main tabs.

The Create-a-Chart Bar

Below the main tabs is our Create-a-Chart bar, which you can use to access almost all of our charting tools quickly from almost anywhere on our website.

The Create-a-Chart bar's dropdown menu lets you select which one of our charting tools you want to use. Initially, it is set to “SharpCharts” which is what we call our standard bar/candlestick charts. Here are the other choices in that dropdown:

  • SharpChart - our main bar/candlestick charting tool
  • P&F Chart - charts with columns of X's and O's
  • CandleGlance - up to 30 different mini-charts on one page
  • PerfChart - overlaid performance lines for up to 10 different ticker symbols
  • Gallery View - four predefined charts for studying different time periods
  • Seasonality - average monthly returns for a ticker symbol
  • Symbol Lookup - search our symbol catalog for a specified phrase
  • Site Search - search our entire website for a specified phrase

Next to the dropdown is a long text box where you can type in a phrase - typically one or more ticker symbols - that goes with your choice in the dropdown. If you are entering more than one ticker symbol, you can use commas to separate multiple symbols.

Note that the long text box has a built-in auto-complete feature. As you type the name of a stock, index or mutual fund that we cover, we will automatically display symbols that match what you have typed so far. This can be extremely useful if you don't know the exact ticker symbol you need. Just start typing any part of the symbol's description and we will automatically show you what is available.

Once you have entered the symbol(s) that you want to use, click the “Go” button (or press Enter) to complete the process.

Our ChartSchool and Support Center pages also have a list of links just below the header. These are called “Breadcrumbs” and they can also help you navigate from place to place on our website. Just click any of the links in that line to go back “up the chain” of links.

At the bottom of most pages on our site is a dark blue area called the Page Footer, which has additional links to commonly-used resources. Here you can find links to popular charting tools, areas of ChartSchool, blogs, and more.

The Page Footer also contains icon links to our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Vimeo.

You can also sign up for our ChartWatchers Newsletter from the Page Footer. Just enter your email address in the signup box at the top of the Page Footer, and click the “Sign Me Up!” button.

The Site Map

The Site Map is a high-level diagram of all the pages on While it does not contain every page on the website, it does contain most of the important ones and shows you how they are organized.

You can click on any of the boxes on the Site Map page to go directly to the corresponding page.

The Site Map can be useful for moving from one area of the website to another quickly.

The Site Search box allows you to find articles that contain specific keywords and phrases. It also lets members search their ChartLists for specific charts and ticker symbols.

The Site Search box is found on the right side of the Page Header on most of our web pages. Just look for the magnifying glass icon next to the main tabs, and click on it to access the search box. Enter your search criteria in the box that pops up, and press “Search”.

You can also search the site using the “Create a Chart” bar - just choose “Site Search” from the dropdown, enter your search criteria and press “Go”.

Search Results

The Search Results page has five tabs at the top that can be used to narrow down the types of results you get. The “All” tab shows all the results. The “Articles”, “Documentation”, and “Symbols” tabs can be used to limit to that type of result. The “Symbol Mentions” tab shows you where a specific symbol is mentioned in blog articles, predefined scan results, Public ChartLists, and more.

An icon next to each search result indicates what type of search result it is:

  • BL - Blog article
  • CS - ChartSchool article
  • MM - Market Message article
  • PC - Public ChartList
  • SCC - One of our web pages or tools
  • ST - StockCharts Store item
  • SU - Support Center article
  • SY - Ticker Symbol
  • TASC - Stocks & Commodities magazine article
  • VID - Video

If you click on the Advanced Options link below the Search button, you can further refine your search results by excluding certain types of results, or limiting your results to specific blogs, authors, or timeframes. Just choose your desired settings and click Search again.

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