Historical Chart Gallery

Historical Chart Gallery

The Historical Chart Gallery is a collection of long-term, large format charts, suitable for detailed study.

Data for these charts extends back further than most users have access to, some as far back as the early 1900s. Charts in the Historical Chart Gallery are updated every Friday evening after the US markets close.

You can access the Historical Chart Gallery from either the “Member Tools” area of Your Dashboard, or the “Additional Tools & Reports” section of the Charts & Tools page.

The Gallery is organized into four areas:

  • Market Indexes - a collection of historical charts for important market indexes. This collection is further subdivided into the following categories:
    • Stocks: including the Dow Averages, S&P 500, NYSE Composite, and Nasdaq Composite.
    • Commodities: including Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil.
    • Currencies: including the US Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, and the Euro.
    • Bonds: including US 30-year, 10-year, and 3-month Bonds, plus the Prime Lending Rate.
    • Economic: assorted economic indicators, including Employment, Housing Starts, CPI, PPI, and the GDP.
  • Market Fundamentals - a collection of historical charts covering market fundamentals, including S&P 500 Earnings and P/E Ratios.
  • Market Breadth - a collection of historical charts for important market breadth indicators, including the Advance-Decline Line, Arms Index (TRIN), McClellan Oscillators, and New Highs-New Lows for the NYSE, plus the Put/Call Ratio.
  • Four-year Presidential Cycles - charts for each term of every US President dating back to 1900.

The charts in the Historical Chart Gallery are static. However, Pro members can create live versions of each chart and then modify and/or annotate them within their own accounts.

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