***EW Trends and Charts***- Technical Analysis for the SPX

Michael Eckert

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zzz b $NYMO - Daily Line (thin), 1024

zzz Baltic Dry Index (EOD) ($BDI)

zzz compare Bank Index - Philadelphia ($BKX)

zzz Dow Jones Industrials Percent of Stocks Above 50 DMA (EOD) ($DOWA50R)

zzz Dow Jones Transportation Average ($TRAN)

zzz dsNYSE - New 52-Week Highs ($NYHGH)

zzz iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM)

zzz Nasdaq 100 Index ($NDX)

zzz new $NYSI - Daily OHLC Bars, 1024

zzz NYSE - Issues Advancing ($NYADV)aa

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