Orderly Bull

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12/26/15 Remakes' season: Yen's World.

Periodic comments here: http://orderly-bull-companion-blog.blogspot.com/

This chart list is intended to monitor the bull market's progress relying on simple charting (for clarity), intermarket analysis and the gut feeling. My objective is to keep an eye on the Big Picture, stay put when it is justified, try to pick optimal investment choices and entry points, and to revamp portfolio when major turns are apparent or appear to be imminent.

A cyclical bull market has been in progress since the March 2009 panic low. I am expecting it to exhibit typical behavior of a cyclical bull of the secular inflationary period with preserved inter-market relationships. (Please refer to John Murphy's work on intermarket analysis for in-depth explanations)

A cursory look at the last cluster of cyclical bulls and bears that happened in the second-half of 1960s and throughout 1970s can give us some rough idea what can we expect in the terms of the course and duration of the bull runs.

Each of the cyclical bulls consisted of 2 upward phases separated by a pullback/consolidation.
First rally lasting approximately 1 year, multi-month consolidation and second rally for about 1 year (more variable).


0.00000000526 TNX 20 yrs

0.00000001345 $SPX - off the top

0.0000000812 Weakly Dollar

0.0000004815 VIX fix

0.0000004817 VIX the fear-o-meter

0.0000012218 S&P 500 cycles intermediate

0.000001226 S&P short cycles

0.00000512 Oil weekly

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