Orderly Bull

Jaroslaw Jac

8/21/15 October in August, proof for the climate change indeed.


0.000007116 Biotech party time, like it is 1999

0.0001345 $SPX - off the top

0.001122 Russell 2K daily

0.001126 RUT experiment

0.001127 weekly Russell

0.001226 S&P short cycles

0.00313 Golden opportunity

12/13/09 support at 1100 and 1050, if gets to 1050 a great point to add to positions

11/10/09 Who wants to bet that this relic will not see three digits ever again?

$2000 in 2011.

0.004815 VIX fix

0.005161 Light Crude Oil monthly

0.01227 Bottom-spotter

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