Darvas boxes on stocks with SCTR's over 90

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Qualifications to buy a stock:
1) must have achieved a 52 week high within the last 7 days.
2) must be a minimum $3.00 stock
3) must trade minimum 500,000 shares per day.
4) must have increasing earnings.
5) must not be raising more money diluting equity with pp's.
6) must have increasing volume.
7) must have a sctr over 90
I want to draw Darvas boxes. I will try buy near the bottom of a box and set my stop loss near the top of the next lower box. I might scale into a position 1/3 then if things are going good, another third then later another 1/3. If I am lucky, the stock should continue upward for months or years and will keep raising my stop loss. Follow me at your own risk. There are no guarantees.


NMI Holdings, Inc. (NMIH)

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