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Classic charting using traditional techniques and styles with a personal touch. Usually daily and weekly time frames with a focus on swing and long term investment (6-8 months)

Keeping it simple, focusing on where the money is going and what price is saying.

Favourite books are: Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns, - Peter L. Brandt with Bruce Babcock, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, - Robert D. Edwards with John Magee and Steve Nison's classic, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques.

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Please enjoy.



$USD w/ Bloomberg Softs Index

100 S&P 500 P&F

101 Dow Jones Industrial Average and Dow Jones Transportation Index, Monthly, Candles - Log scale

110 $FTSE - Daily, 10yr

120 CRB and US Dollar Index

121 Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index

150 Dow Jones US Auto Parts Index

300 Equal Weight Healthcare relative to SPDR Health Care ETF (RYH:XLV) Unadjusted

400 (Noise chart) S&P 500 Daily, 2year, displaced 50MA Ribbons - Linear

Order of MAs (50,5 dashed grey) 50,10 50,15 50,20 (50 thick blue) 50,-5 50,-10 50,-15 (50,-20 dashed purple)

Each MA is the same period of 50 days, but is offset from +5 to +20 and -5 to -20

useful for spotting when trends are starting to fail. All lines up = trend intact. Tangled, declining lines can show when it is time to scale back positions or show caution.

500 Nifty Auto Index ($CNXAUTO)

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