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Charts tracking all time frames and different instruments across most markets. Some charts get added and removed periodically as cycles change or interest fades.

I use some fairly bespoke and abstract techniques in my charting, combining a number of influences and my own experimentation. All charts can be interpreted in many ways. Like most custom indicators they can be subject to bias. I try not to lean one way or the other without confirmation and anything shown, unless explicitly mentioned or drawn on the chart, is subject to both long and short speculation.

Please feel free to share any charts you find useful and do not hesitate to provide your feedback through the 'Send Feedback' option on StockTwits or Twitter (@DeathCubeA)


0030 $INDU (Dow Jones) Daily

0031 Transports

0032 $SPX - S&P 500 Daily, 2year - Displaced 50MA Ribbons

Order of MAs (50,5 dashed grey) 50,10 50,15 50,20 (50 thick blue) 50,-5 50,-10 50,-15 (50,-20 dashed purple)
Each MA is the same period of 50 days, but is offset from +5 to +20 and -5 to -20
useful for spotting when trends are starting to fail. All lines up = trend intact while tangled, declining lines can show when it is time to scale back positions or show caution.

0033 $RUT - Russell 2000

0034 $NDX Nasdaq 100

0035 $COMPQ Nasdaq Composite

0037 $XJY - Yen daily (Yen Carry Trade)

0038 GDX - Gold Miners Index Technical

0039 $SILVER

0040 UUP - Daily

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