Above the Green Line - Feb 18, 2018 Buy high, and Sell Higher: Momentum Investing

Joanne Klein

Weekly Comment: Markets were up over 4% for the week, as the Indices bounced up near the Green Lines. Most are back up in the Red Zones for the Short Term. Maybe down once more.
Probably up after that, to complete the Wave 5 of 5 up. (See Page 5 Chart 55).
Most Funds are still Way Above the Green Line. (All Investments eventually return to the Green Line).

Wait for more Money Wave Buys soon in the Green Zones. Buy when the Money Wave Closes back Above 20. Have this List & Charts emailed to you from the Premium site: www.abovethegreenline.com.

Many Funds are having trouble staying Above 90 Relative Strength. Markets are tired.
We would like to warn you: When Markets are narrow & tired like they are now, either take quick gains from Money Wave Pops,
or STAY IN CASH & WAIT for a larger correction (down to the Green Lines).

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Buy Page 1 & 2 Funds in the Green Zone, and take profits in the Red Zone.
Split your account into 3-5 positions (For Short Term Trades with Sell Stops). Follow text below each chart.

REMEMBER: All Investments eventually RETURN to their Green Line. (Above or Below the Green Line, is temporary human emotion.)

Thank you for your votes to keep us #1. Please send some profits to help animals (ASPCA).

RULES ARE ON PAGE 3. Good trading, and tell your friends!

@AboveGreenLine for Twitter Feed.

41 BA - 1 hour

42 AMZN - 1 hour

43 NFLX - 1 hour

44 BBY - 1 hour

45 AAPL - 1 hour

46 NVDA - 1 hour

47 TWTR - 1 hour

48 PYPL - 1 hour

49 ABBV - 1 hour

50 FCAU - 1 hour

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