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May 25th 8A Update: Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy lately (not with the markets) and to be honest there hasn't been a ton going on. I do best when the broader market is trending, making new highs, etc. We've been struggling with 2400 for a while now and it finally feels like we might be able to get above and stay above this magic level. I'm long and looking to get longer. Most of the action is individual stocks. As far as ETFs, my favorite for low vol environments (i.e., stuck <2400) is short VXX via puts or long SVXY and/or XIV. Right now, I'm short VXX via VXX 14.5P's from last Friday and will be probably close the last of those out today. What else is working? Tech + Q's - although select names are working better than the indexes. For example, AAPL still seems stuck in the mud which is holding back the overall index. That's true of alot of stocks - they seem stuck in the mud while the 'flavor of the day/week' ones rip new highs & carry the index. Again, I'd prefer broad-based rallies, but you have to trade what's in front of you (or throw in the towel & go fishing....that's OK, too). What else? I'm watching oil for a 'sell the news' trade back to the 20D after a nice rip. I'll be taking some time off (and going fishing!) so probably not alot of updates this weekend. Good luck out there!


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