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Trade what you see, not what you think. Train the Eye. Optimize the 'sweet spot' of price action.

'MAP SYNTAX', is a 'Performance Driven' Discretionary (vs. Black Box) proprietary research effort that focuses on finding the
best stocks the market has to offer. Using multiple time frames, 'MAP SYNTAX' is designed to identify the best candidates for
both long term price momentum investing and short term price 'thrusts' for swing trading. Optimize the 'Sweet Spot'.

All charts are strictly for educational purposes only. No investment decisions should be made based on the analysis here.
Momentum investing can lead to large losses. Very important to have a sound money management strategy.

Map Syntax & Stephen Stewart are not a registered investment adviser, investment advisory service, registered analyst,
or broker-dealer and does not advise specific advice on securities to anyone.


0000 ^^^ Map Syntax ^^^

In Map Syntax land, we care about VIOLENT price action and optimizing it. Thats it. Simple Simon

00/00 (Bias)

05/30 (Long Bias) SIMO, TWLO - in underwriter syndicate
05/26 (Long Bias) ABRW 7:10am, NERV, RETA
05/25 (Long Bias) MZOR 8pm
05/25 (Long Bias) BEAT, PTI-NVLS (Re-Intro)

Price action goes into Map Syntax, answers come out. Listen to your MAPS.

When you master your craft (trading system) and can execute flawlessly - There is a price you pay - Work (trading) becomes boring.
However, the financial rewards become astronomical, just ask Tiger Woods or Roger Federer. ....And when you ask them how
they MASTERED THEIR 'CRAFT', they will tell you, it isnt the mechanics or system of their game that takes them to the top, but rather,
the six inches of space between their ears that they have learned to manage and master. Trading is no different. ~

0000 TSLA 2013 - Case Study - 'Model Analysis'

In my opinion, trading momentum is for the investor that wants to get paid right now. It is nothing more then participating in a trend.
However, momentum investing is 'NOT' a good 'risk/reward' trade. In fact it is risky because you are betting on other investors to keep
buying in the face of higher prices by chasing prices. We are trying to profit from investors' fear of 'MISSING THE MOVE'.
However, you can manage this risk well. How? Because you can always sell (if your wrong).

0001 a Stanley Cup Final - Game 2 Wed 8pm EST

0001 RETA

0002 ACIA

5/13: Acacia's 35% first-day pop is best of 2016
Acacia Communications (ACIA) priced at $23, the high end of the range, and popped 35% on Friday. The first venture-backed tech
IPO of 2016 came to market well below its optical peers despite Acacia's much faster growth and superior margins. The company
will have to maneuver past a recent trade restriction on its top customer, but thanks to an industry-wide data center upgrade, the
demand for its high-speed optical networking products may be great enough for them to reach the end customers. Acacia's
success suggests that IPO investors are still interested in growth stocks - an encouraging sign for the high-growth tech names in the
backlog. (Source: Renaissance Capital LLC; an SEC-registered investment adviser)

MARKET STRUCTURE // noun //: The collection of factors that determine how buyers and sellers interact in a market.
Financial Markets: the cyclical flow of money based on the REPEATING behavior & operations of participants.

0002 NERV

0002 NGVT

1.0 billion global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and high performance materials.

0003: Cycle MoMo [MACRO Cycle Analysis]

MONEY MANAGEMENT // term //: Refers to managing the size of market risk to ensure one's ability to keep going thru the
inevitable bad periods that every trader experiences. Money Management is the science of keeping your risk of ruin at acceptable
levels while maximizing your profit potential. Trade small enough you wont go broke and large enough to make it worthwhile.

PROTOCOL // noun //: A system of rules that explain the correct conduct and procedures to be followed in formal situations.

BEAR TRAP // term //: A false signal that the rising trend of a stock or index has reversed when it has not. A bear trap prompts
traders to place shorts on the stock or index, since they expect the underlying to decline in value. Instead of declining further, the
investment stays flat, or reverses.

0005 AQMS

0008: CIRCLES OF STIMULUS - Market Timing & Price Optimization.

Two times a day, Wall street delivers THRUST, BUST or STALL.
Use those KEY DECISION TIMES to identify and time THRUST as well as pick an ideal time to book gains or cut losses.
[NOTE: This is not day trading.]

MONEY MGMT = Position Size, Timing the Entry, Cutting Losses & Booking Gains
- One of the traders most important tools is Money Mgmt
- The worlds best traders recognize it as their most important key to success - NOT THE TRADING SYSTEM

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