Picture of Power: Price Momentum Map Syntax

Stephen Stewart

Trade what you see, not what you think. Train the Eye. Optimize the 'sweet spot' of price action.

'MAP SYNTAX', is a 'Performance Driven' Discretionary (vs. Black Box) proprietary research effort that focuses on finding the
best stocks the market has to offer. Using multiple time frames, 'MAP SYNTAX' is designed to identify the best candidates for
both long term price momentum investing and short term price 'thrusts' for swing trading. Optimize the 'Sweet Spot'.

All charts are strictly for educational purposes only. No investment decisions should be made based on the analysis here.
Momentum investing can lead to large losses. Very important to have a sound money management strategy.

Map Syntax & Stephen Stewart are not a registered investment adviser, investment advisory service, registered analyst,
or broker-dealer and does not advise specific advice on securities to anyone.

2007 DBX

2007 GTHX

2007 LITE

2007 MDB

2007 RENN

Trucker Path's core product is the Trucker Path app, a trip planning companion for truck drivers, enabling a large driver community to
assist each other in updating the real-time status of relevant points-of-interest on their route. It helps truckers find truck stops, available
parking spots, rest areas, scales, open DOT weigh stations, truck washes and more. Expanding on the success of the Trucker Path app,
Trucker Path also introduced the Truckloads app, a mobile marketplace providing freight load matching with over 3 million loads posted
monthly. At present, Trucker Path has more than 600,000 monthly active users covering more than 33% of all U.S. long haul truck drivers
and maintains steady organic growth. For Renren's global business, the acquisition of Trucker Path means an entry into the transportation
sector. Going forward, Renren will continue exploring breakthroughs in this space, whether in intelligent transportation solutions or in
autonomous vehicles. Joseph Chen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Renren, commented: 'Currently, the two major emerging
technology areas are artificial intelligence and blockchain. With the acquisition of the Trucker Path social platform and the Truckloads
freight marketplace, the Company will be well-positioned technologically to drive innovation within this important industry.'

2007 TLND

2008 BUDZ

2008 IQ

2008 NIHD

2008 SAGE

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