300 Major market indicators using the STORMM system

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We cover the SP500, DOW, 10yr Treasury yield, USD, gold, oil and the VIX with STORMM annotated charts. Additionally, TMS view charts plus 2 different moving average charts are all aligned in time to allow quick scanning of new signals.
Chart credits to: Ed Hunt (TMS view), Pring Turner (business cycle), David Larew NYAD index, and the Jedimaster (VIX:SP500)

Green lines = buy signals; Red lines = sell signals; Blue lines = MACD zero cross and alter near by buy/sell signals; Dashed lines are signals pending full validation or failed/blocked signals.
Pg1: SP500
Pg 2: Weekly, Monthly SP500, DAX
Pg3: 10yr US Treasury yield, USD,
Pg 4.Gold, Oil, Commodities, Pring Business cycle, Inflation:Deflation, VIX, TVIX

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00 Chart legends guide

000 $SPX - STORMM indicator legends

000.1 S&P 500 STORMM

001.2 S&P 500 TMS view

001.4 $SPX - Ron Walker Indicators

001.7 $SPX -Pring short med long term KST

001.9 NYSE Advance-Decline Issues ($NYAD)

001.91 $SPX Weekly Renko Larew

001.93 $NYSE daily McCellan Oscillator and Summation Index

001.95 $SPX Technicals 6 months

annotate with chart 1

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