The $20,000 Portfolio. Traffic lights, and MACD's that work! Trend Investing

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Support / Resistance Lines
Trend Analysis

Using a combination of charts and P&F Charts with identified triggers just increases your probability of being in the right trade and avoiding bad stocks

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0 Introduction

01 Treasuries One-Month View

2/23 Turning back up, time for TMF?

01 Treasury 10-Year Yield P&F

01 Treasury Bear

01 Treasury Bear PnF

3/9 Price Objective of $40 plus above resistance line makes me positive

01 Treasury Bull

3/19 I like to buy at $93

01 Treasury Bull PnF

2/13 Wow, we saw the breakdown when the price was up at $109

02 $INDU Dow Jones Bullish Percent

01/27 Never below 50 for the past 2 years, amazing

02 $INDU Dow Jones PnF Daily

2/02 More downward pressure but the stock refuses to buckle

02 $INDU One-Month View

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