The $50,000 Portfolio. Traffic lights, indicators and MACD's that work!

Anthony Evans

Using a combination of charts and P&F Charts with identified triggers just increases your probability of being in the right trade and avoiding bad stocks


03 $SPX PnF Daily

11/10 We should see a pullback and can then buy into an Xmas rally post US Thanksgiving

10/15 AMAZING! Right down into support and a bounce. The power of these PnF's never cease to amaze me

9/29 Finally looking down, albeit very small and still above the support line

03 SPXL (S&P 500) Long

03 SPXL (S&P 500) PnF 30-Min

11/14 It broke the red resistance at approx $69, marking momentum upward. Closing at $85.46 would have given a 23% increase in less than 1 month. Do you see the power of these red/blue lines??

03 SPXL (S&P 500) PnF Daily

11/05 Back to double top here

03 SPXS (S&P 500) Short

03 SPXS (S&P 500) Short PnF 60-Min

11/20 Buy only when above $22.26

03 SPXS (S&P 500) Short PnF Daily

04 $BPNDX NASDAQ Bullish Percent

9/11 Remains high here at 75%+

04 NASDAQ Bear

04 NASDAQ Bear PnF 30-Min

11/20 A break above $31.62 would be positive

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