The $20,000 Portfolio. Traffic lights, indicators and MACD's that work!

Anthony Evans

Using a combination of charts and P&F Charts with identified triggers just increases your probability of being in the right trade and avoiding bad stocks


04 NASDAQ Bear PnF Daily

04 NASDAQ Bull

12/01 Nice drop shown

04 NASDAQ Bull P&F Daily

04 NASDAQ Index PnF Daily

7/11 Well above Objective

05 Small Cap Bear

05 Small Cap Bear PnF 30-Min

12/18 Well we never saw a break of resistance

12/08 We have seen upside signs before. Breaking $15 would be great

05 Small Cap Bear PnF Daily

05 Small Cap Bull

05 Small Cap Bull PnF 30-Min

1114 We we were right below, $64 to $75 or so, not bad!

10/24 This would suggest that now is the time to buy, not to sell. We will see

05 Small Cap Bull PnF Daily

11/05 This would have been a nice little gainer based on these signs

10/23 Let's see what happens here at resistance

10/16 Breakout seen

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