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Anthony Evans

Using a combination of charts and P&F Charts with identified triggers just increases your probability of being in the right trade and avoiding bad stocks


S03 01 Oil $WTIC PnF Daily

S03 02 $BPENER Energy Bullish Percent

S03 02 $Energy

S03 02 $EnergyPnF

5/14 This chart remains positive

S03 03 $Natural Gas

S03 03 Natural Gas (Index UNG) PnF

S03 47 $Gold Bullion 2-Hour View

S03 47 Gold Bullion - $GOLD P&F

S03 47 Gold Bullion - $GOLD Weekly

3/9 $1155 remains strong support

S03 48 $BPGDM Gold Miners Bullish Percent

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