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Welcome to Wrighttrade, Learn to trade and profit from gaps using options
8/10/17, Big moves today, Added UVXY. See chart C. below. UVXY $32 call went up over 740% today, shorts got slaughter today in that stock. After hours UVXY was over $43. Slaughter will continue tomorrow. NUGT is in my spotlight. Buyer at new high. See charts with targets.
8/8/17, Early am. S&P still bullish, buyer at new highs. See chart B1, NUGT getting close on a trade setup.
7/27/17, Check note on NUGT chart, Stocks looking to trade this week, CY, X , SNAP, and AMD.
7/27/17, CLF earnings out this morning at 8am. See chart
7/21/17 SNAP second target hit and sold, 50% gain. Way to close out the week. Wrighttrade
7/20/17, SNAP hit first gap target for 12%, see chart.
7/19/17, Open and closed trade on SNAP for over 50%
7/18/17 4:15pm. Open and closed trade on PFE for over 20%. See chart 5B
7/18/17, Early am here. Check out the charts. Busy day yesterday. Watch PPG this Thursday, earnings release and my target for PPG is $130.
7/16/17, Trades open and closed on 7/14/17. Option trade on SNAP, closed for 15% gain. Option trade on UVXY closed for over 25% gain. See charts B1 and B2 below. Also added charts to watch for this week, B3 ARRS and B4 LCI
6/30/17, Early am.S&P hit the 50ma and held above on the close yesterday. Looking for a close below the 50ma.
6/23/17, Early am, S&P closed below the 10ma yesterday, looking weak. Check out RENKO chart below for S&P, seller at new day low of 2433.26. NUGT, buyer only at new day high of $32.40.
6/22/17, Early am, check notes on $SPX, AMD, and NUGT
6/12/17, Early am. Check note on S&P chart below and NUGT
6/7/17, Early am. Bought NUGT, NVDA looking weak. Check out note on LULU,
6/5/17, S&P target of 2440 hit yesterday, WMT hit $80 target. NUGT chart added for Peter
6/2/17 Early am. S&P hit target of 2430. Check out notes on charts. Wrighttrade
6/1/17, Early am, Check note on S&P and CLF
5/25/17 Early 5:25 am, S&P futures at 2410, my 2430 target right around the corner. Check note on SNAP and PPG.


A. S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX)

8/10/17, What a day! I look for new lows ahead and a test of the 2400 area.
8/7/17, Early am, Buyer at new day high of 2480.01, 10ma needs to hold.
7/20/17, Early am, Market still going up, made a small gap up yesterday. Cautious at these levels if your buying to hold.
6/22/17, Early am, Gap closed yesterday that was made three days ago. Seller only at new day low of 2430.73
6/20/17, Early am, Blow off top yesterday? Nope, not very strong if so. Small gap up made also. Ill be watching for now.
6/12/17, See note on chart. Many things could happen from this point. A blow off top could be around the corner. Stay tuned.
6/5/17, 2440 target hit yesterday
6/1/17, Early am, Filled the small gap below and touch the 10ma yesterday. Buyer at new day high of 2416.00.
5/30/17, Early am, Buyer at new day high of 2416.69, small gap below might fill before making new highs. Target 2430 to 2440.
5/19/17 Early am. S&P made a new low yesterday and closed below the 50ma. Seller at new lows. Buyer only after a close above the 50ma.
5/16/17 Early am.S&P made a new all time high yesterday, closed a small gap at 2400. Buyer today at new day high of 2404.06.
5/13/17, Market closed below the 10ma. Might close the gaps below down to the 50ma. MACD starting to show signs of divergence with the price having higher prices. A close below the 50ma and I will be Bearish, but until then Im Bullish and a buyer at new day high of 2392.45 which will also be above the 10ma. My target for S&P is 2430. Wrighttrade

B Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares (NUGT)

8/10/17, Strong moves last two days. Buyer at new day highs. First target is breakout of wedge and then the 200ma line
8/8/17, early am, Slope and VTX needs to bounce at these levels to stay bullish.
7/31/17, early am., the last two days have been inside days. No new highs or new lows. buyer at new high of $33.18.
6/22/17, early am, bounce off of bottom wedge line, buyer only at new day high of $30.63.
6/14/17, Early am. Buyer at new high of $35.34
6/5/17, Looking to be a buyer only at new day high of $34.50

B1 Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares (NUGT)

B2 Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares (NUGT)

C. ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF (UVXY)

D Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

6/22/17, Early am, Big moves up last two days making two new gaps. Buyer only at new day high of $14.02, targets at gaps at $14.18 and then $15.08

E Direxion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp. & Prod. Bear 3x Shares (DRIP)

5/4/17, Gap at $21.60 filled today, good move today.

G3 Lululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU)

8/11/17, Support line needs to hold. Looking for a close below the 200ma and then gaps below will become targets.

I Ford Motor Co. (F)

O Daily Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (CLF)

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