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Detailed Weekly Commentary from our charts

Welcome to the ''Channelist' (formerly Trend Channel Magic) -- an all-ETF list of charts with trend channels and momentum indicators in time frames from minutes to years. CHARTS DON'T HAVE TO BE COMPLEX TO BE USEFUL. THE CHANNELS ON THE ONE-MINUTE CHARTS WILL SHOW YOU TRENDS AND BREAKS QUICKER THAN ANY OTHER CHART TECHNIQUE YOU CAN FIND.

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Our trend channels are predicated on the belief that group behavior creates discernible trends in all time frames formed by parallel boundaries that provide dynamic support and resistance points (reference my book on the subject 'Far From Random'). Watch these trends and be amazed by the accuracy frequently displayed by the channel lines. If you have to wait days or weeks for moving average crosses or other indicators, you can never get into a trade in time. We have found these charts to spot trend breaks and true support and resistance points quicker and more accurately than any other chart patterns or signals -- bar none. There is too much 'noise' in individual stocks to see the trends, so we chart only ETFs, though they can be used to determine the sector or market direction before jumping into a specific stock.

> 1- minute charts on DIA, SPY, IWM, and VIX are listed first for extreme near term analysis
> 30-minute charts form Short Term trends
> Daily charts form Long Term trends
> 'Minichannels' form inside most trends in all time frames

Disclaimer: As a Registered Adviser, our comments here are for educational purposes and should not be construed in any way as offering investment advice or recommending a specific security.


00A DIA One-minute

8/31 - The major averages barrel upward, but under the surface, several sectors and most foreign markets have started downward in red minichannels now. Not serious yet, but could certainly signal the beginnings of a trend change. Stochastics are all up at the upper extremes. Should only be a matter of days to another correction of sorts.

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8/28 -- Small breaks are occurring all over the place on one-minute charts and minichannels of longer charts. A number of stochastics are curling down and VIX is starting to rise again. Things may hold up prior to the holiday weekend, but yellow caution flags are up for next week all around.

The Russian situation may blow over, but the market remains vulnerable to a pullback simply on an overbought momentum basis, so news may be irrelevant. Doesn't have to be a big correction yet, but it certainly is the dangerous part of the calendar.

8/26 -- Still trending up on all the short term and one-minute charts, but stochastics are peaking and starting to curl over. May hold up until labor day weekend, but getting very vulnerable now for the following week.

Based on the comparison with the year 2000 (when mid September was the Internet bull market peak), we remain on high alert.

8/19 -- The trend continues upward on both 1-minute and 30-minute charts. VIX collapsed back to 12 and the momentum indicators are not yet at the upper up we go, though most charts are at the top of their channels and subject to an in-trend pullback.

Most equities are extending, but USO is about to hit a long term support line after a long decline. Take a look!

8/18 -- The Russian incident did not alter the basic recovery picture as all one-minute uptrends remained intact (even IWM after initially broke). Furthermore, the 30-minute charts now say that the correction is over and not just the first leg of something larger...yet.

00B SPY 1-minute

00C IWM - 1 min

00C QQQ - 1 min

00D Volatility Index 1-min

01A DIA - 30 min


01B - DIA one-year


02A SPY - 30-min


02B SPY - Daily one-year


03A QQQ - 30 min


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