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Gold / Gold Stocks


1/1 POLA - Daily Candlesticks, 700

5/26 Friday; slow day - not expecting much until next week after G7 meeting. Oil heading back down. GOLD slowly working off its oversold.
-GDXJ continues to turn ever more bearish via TSI/TRIX.
-GDX daily watching the Vortex Indicator red line to turn back up and then cross the blue.
-4.9M traded in MGTI; starting to catch some eyes. Tell you if it sees 5 in short order gotta consider locking in gains, but lets see the action and what it wants to do in the coming week. Will be watching daily volume to see if more people are chasing it. Last few days has broken out of its parabola floor and looks set for a new run up. Set up the charts, we let them decide the trade going forward not emotion, but gotta love the bitcoin hype!
-GOLD 1268/69 big overhead...the beast that just will not die, it will. Chart 7/6 and note the Vortex indicator; getting closer to the top out.....

1/2 POLA - Daily Invisible, 1600

3/03 Energy Producers XOP, BP, for example, recently admitted that its finances will not breakeven unless oil trades at roughly $60 per barrel. ?Recall that the initial trigger for the global financial crisis was about $US500bn worth of losses on US mortgages. Gave cites figures [showing] that through the magnifying effects of derivatives markets, that wiped some $US7 trillion from global GDP and $US28 trillion from global equity markets.? View the US$5.4 trillion ?alternative energy sector? debt, mainly associated with the US fracking boom, through the ?magnifying effects of derivatives? and you begin to see the scale of calamity soon to befall the world?s financial institutions.
3/18 Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, I serve on the Board of Directors of a large Singapore-based company that?s in the gold and silver business. And, last night during our quarterly conference call, the management team gave me a lot of intriguing information.Sales of physical gold and silver are collapsing across the entire industry. A t the US Mint, for example, sales of US Eagle gold coins fell by 67% between February 2016 versus February 2017. And sales of US Eagle silver coins are down 75% over the same period.
The one conundrum is that this trend does NOT correlate with the price of gold. In US dollar terms, the gold price is up 16% since the beginning of 2016. The paper price is rising, but physical demand is falling
5/14 A rise of this magnitude and pace is as unprecedented as its impact is ubiquitous; more CO2, fewer rhinos, higher global asset prices, lower global defaults. 'People believe they,re leveraged to all of these wonderful things happening in the world. But they?re simply leveraged to what happens in China. Oil prices; iron ore, cooper, real estate, and today,s global cyclical recovery are all directly tied back to China. And this can all continue for a time. or end abruptly.

1/2 Polar Power, Inc. (POLA)

4/01 Just in case; have created a Vertical Market Run or Blowoff Model, this is how they work. Again one more model to time the ultimate top. Should this happen will work this model into the charts.

1/2a Gold - Continuous Contract (EOD) ($GOLD)

5/15 Looking for a 50% FIB tag at 1255/1256

1/2a Tokyo Nikkei Average - Nikkei 225 (EOD)/Gold - Continuous Contract (EOD) ($NIKK:$GOLD)

Gold Timing Model
Want it to turn back up...

1/2b JDST - 15 min HLC Bars, 900

4/24 June 17th GDXJ rebalance http://www.nasdaq.com/article/gold-miner-etf-gdxj-to-undergo-dramatic-change-cm775363#/ixzz4euPdSaWl
adds http://themacrotourist.com/images/2017/04/AddsApr1917.png
drops http://themacrotourist.com/images/2017/04/DeletesApr1917.png
5/15 Doji Friday so expect some chop; looking to sell and get long JDST this week. Two price targets 62% Fib at 70.46 or gap fill at 66.56 Check out that Gann Fan way overhead; price will be heading there in the coming W3. Watch those two MAs125/150 to turn back up; important.
5/17 Yes, in on the gap fill.....

1/2b JDST - Daily Area, 1280

New idea; calling it a Mountain Chart; credit to its creator Edward Hunt, another truly great Stockchart chartist! Added in a ton of my own ideas and will be tweaking this even more as I play with it in the weeks ahead. Wishing him all the best in winning the fight against his wife,s cancer.

1/2c DUST - Daily Candlesticks, 700

1/2c DUST - Daily Candlesticks, 900

5/15 Reworked the chart for this week; lets watch that black parabola, as long as it stays inside it we stalk. Note rolling TRIX; this trade should take a week to setup/let us not be early to pull the trigger. Watch close TSI and TRIX, %B is not yet oversold and trending down as well; Money flow remains bullish.

1/2d GDX - Weekly Candlesticks, 900

4/24 CMF still no buyers....

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