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-Lets get back to trader talk and markets as of today. Will finish list and index, the important stuff is done.
-At .07 ounces of gold and 1.47 Units of the Dow to 1 Bitcoin the smart money will be locking profits in mass.
-Gold Miners massively oversold on the Gold Miners Bullish Percent. If money rotates out of bitcoin some may find it way into the miners. Chart 0a just below. Miners are priced at 1170 gold!
-0d China Yuan/Gold and chart 0d China Picture Perfect Gold TIming. Perhaps China drives the next rally in gold...petro yuan/gold? Rainbow framed in my office window; pot of gold coming? They announced in September it was coming before end of year; this could drive gold hard! Its in the two charts a major move driven by China. Remember this 'The plan is to price oil in yuan using a gold-backed futures contract in Shanghai'

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Energy Producers XOP, BP, for example, recently admitted that its finances will not breakeven unless oil trades at roughly $60 per barrel. Recall that the initial trigger for the global financial crisis was about $US500bn worth of losses on US mortgages. Gave cites figures [showing] that through the magnifying effects of derivatives markets, that wiped some $US7 trillion from global GDP and $US28 trillion from global equity markets. View the US$5.4 trillion alternative energy sector debt, mainly associated with the US fracking boom, through the magnifying effects of derivatives and you begin to see the scale of calamity soon to befall the worlds financial institutions.
- Monetary Crisis Cycle starting in 2018, the Sovereign Debt Crisis also to begin heating up in 2018, and the Pension Crisis.
-Vertical Markets; Plateau Move; Phase Transition basing pattern then up; Pennants; Vs
-Nikkei down; Yen Up; Gold Up...Right then and there I began to realize that giving advice depended COMPLETELY upon your currency base.
-During the Great Depression, money appeared to disappear because in capitalist economies, banknotes are derivatives of credit and debt masquerading as money; and in a severe deflationary collapse, debts default, credit is withdrawn and what appears to be money vanishes.

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**George Lindsay (1906-1987) began his life as an artist, owned his own seat on the Chicago Board of Trade from 1939-1940, and started his market advisory service in 1951, one year after the publication of his seminal paper 'An Aid to Timing'. While so much of today's technical analysis is focused on short-term changes in the market (i.e. daily, 60-minute, 15-minute, 5-minute, and tick charts) and has become heavily dependent on mathematics that only a Stanford PhD. could ever hope to understand, Lindsay spent his life looking at multi-year changes in the markets all the way back to 1798. By doing so, he was able to understand regular, repeating changes in the market based, not on price but, on time. These 'changes' are similar to cycles but not in the way most people today think of cycles. His approach to the markets appears to transcend even that mirror of human behavior as it can play a role in forecasting non-market related events throughout human history (described in his only book 'The Other History' Vantage Press, 1969). It was this 'understanding' of intervals in time that enabled him to sell his seat on the Board of Trade in 1940 only weeks before the Germans marched into Paris during the spring of that year kicking off WW2.

0a A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words - Gold/Bonds

0a A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words - Gold/Bonds

Our new trading/timing models will be titled Vortex / Ultimate Models.

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The iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of U.S. dollar-denominated, high yield corporate bonds. Shares out 224,900,900

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