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Market Timing


Overview -See Optimal Bear Market Allocation for Swing Trading all the way to the trough posted Nov 7, 2014. The reason to bet against the $USD in favor of the Euro. Expect a Major Crash during the holiday season, when least expected. Because of Fed Manipulation to force the market artificially higher in 2009, the wave degree has incremented to 4x the previous magnitude to Grand Supercycle Degree, analogous to a Godzilla Bear Market. That means that the trough from this cataclysm will likely overlap the 1906 Supercycle Wave (I) market top to form a bullish, Diag II. To maintain a simple structure, & alternate with a complex, Supercycle Wave (II) ended 1932. The trajectory will likely begin with a duplicate, lower degree Diag II structure, to preview & confirm the downside, just as in 1929 & 1965. In '29 the first leg of the echoing, bearish Diag II was the Crash, while '65 was the same structure, a Diag II Wave A of an A-B-C Cycle Bear Market of 25% magnitude, plunged 50% from top to bottom. Over 6-8 years the market will likely find a far lower trough than I previously estimated. In the absence of manipulation the logical trough would have been the 1965 Cycle Wave IV A, (the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree)..because of far higher magnitude, even this first jolt will be far more severe than anyone expects....Read below the Magnitude Transition explanation & follow the top Dow chart See weekly inverse ETFs all in HUGE BULL MARKETS. Investment Tips include charts of the optimal asset classes Weekly Charts since 2009. http://www.exceptional-bear.com/102.html VERIFY the YINN & EDC allocation with this link
The Crash is fast approaching, our only two remaining long Swing trade equity ETFs:, YINN & EDC both popped 10% on Friday, just a couple more days of move like this completed the UPSIDE required before reversal to Bearish. once upside in these two long asset classes complete, the CRASH


$ $ $ 0 INDU -DJ Weekly simplification

$ $ $ 0 The DOW Big Picture - arithmetic scale

Nov 23, 2014

The charts all demonstrate a satisfactory completion of the reversal transition, from here we DIVE within a week. count The is the Big Picture Dow whose mirror image is being retraced in the inverse Charts below, simply match the blue C & D waves ending in 2009 & 2014 respectively, the E-wave next is the longest by far - at least 3x the price trajectory of wave C ended 2009, the reversal is in process evidenced by Elliott's A-B Transition (in purple) to reverses the larger trend's direction into a Crash & free-fall plunge ( this is the structure that Robert Prechter arrogantly discarded, his inability to see it clearly demonstrates that his genius does to extend to pattern recognition)
Note that the same pattern is in evidence immediately after the Cycle Bear Market ended 1975 to reverse from Bear to Bull Market of a higher magnitude...these magnitude inferences are original discoveries not found anywhere else.
This chart further demonstrate the magnitude disparity between the Bullish Diag II (green) initiated in 1987 and its dwarfing Bearish reciprocal in red since 2000...here you also see the Big Picture, showing the Bear Market initiated in 2000, all the upside moves since have been BEAR MARKET Rallies, not Bull Markets as they are invariably, erroneously called in the press!
This chart shows the magnitude transitions since 1975, first to Supercycle in the (a)-(b)-A; (a)-(b)-B structure to 4x the previous magnitude (2x2). Then beginning in 1996, the wave magnitude began gearing down via the identical structure to end 2000 at primary degree, just prior to the reversal into Bear Market. Then with each irregular top exceeding the orthodox, 2000 top, wave magnitude incremented in Bearish mode. The first plunge in 2002 occurred at Cycle Degree, the second bottomed in 2009 at Supercycle Degree, & should have continued in a free-fall to trough & complete the entire Bear market in 2010. As a result of being force-fed by the Fed the market magnitude incremented another 4x via two ide

$ $ $ 1 Inverse S&P - SPXU

Nov 22, 2014

Above the inverse S&P. On the top left wave C blue represents the 2009 trough in stocks inverted as a profit in INVERSE ETFs...current price of SPXU is 40 it has a min upside of 1750 before it goes OFF the CHART

$ $ $ 2 TMV - Inverse T-Bonds Weekly since 2009

Nov 22, 2014

Inverse Bonds just beginning a long Bull Market...this time when stocks plunge, so will T-bonds, and take all bonds with them down the shooter! From the current price of 38, TMV has a min wave 3 target of 290....likely in a Flash coincident with collapse of the stock Market and the $US

$ $ $ 3 $GOLD has started a Big Bounce! - Weekly

Nov 22, 2014

Gold has begun a wave iii (green) upside with a minimum upside of $1685/oz to complete wave 2C red at the very top. As the dollar collapses, the initial knee-jerk reaction is into gold..in levered gold UGL the min upside is 100 (on the L y-axis) from a current price of 38, this corresponds with the Spot price of gold Spiking to at least 1650/oz on the R y-axis.

$ $ $ 4 BIS - Inverse Biotechnology Weekly since 2009

Nov 22, 2014

Inverse Biotech from the current price of 52, has minimum upside of 1700, before it goes off the chart,

$ $ $ 5 Inverse Real Estate DRV since 2009 Weekly

Nov 22, 2014

In the inverse Real Estate the red trajectory represents SRS ProShares Ultrashort Real Estate, in Blue is DRV the Direxion equivalent. In SRS the min upside before it goes off the chart is 4200 from a current price of 13.47...In DRV the current price is 29.46 and the upside is 6500 before it goes off the chart...if you have a calculator handy, these are HUGE returns, while all long investors will be losing their shsirts

$ $ $ 6 Inverse Financials - SKF & FAZ

Nov 22, 2014

On the top left is the 2009 trough in stocks when these inverse funds last shined brightly, just as Wave C (blue) reversed in wave D, that D is in the final stages of reversing, to indicate another collapse in all stocks, only these inverse ETFs are Depression-proof and Recession-proof...the current price in FAZ is 14, the upside just to get even with the 2009 trough is 28,000!..In FAZ each $54 appreciates to at least $5000....if we swing trade them optimally the potential return is a multiple of that figure....We have been through this before and came out with flying colors, this time the stakes are at least 3x higher!

$ $ $ 7 Inverse Small Cap TZA & TWM

Nov 22, 2014

Above the chart of Inverse small cap stocks, while these soar in the initial stages of Bull Markets, there suffer many casualties in Bear Market from shortage of working capital. From a current price of $13.50 TZA on the L y-axis will soar to 9500, while TWM on the R y-axis will go from 42.5 to 2100. Note the same pattern in all these charts is Elliott's A-B Base, a-b-(a); a-b-(b); a-b-1-2-3-4-5 all the way up! more accurately a transition. This inverse fund should easily exceed the profit we reaped in 2008-2009 by swing trading partial positions all the way down, only a fool would pinch pennies at the peril of $thousands.

$ $ $ 8 EDC - Long Emerging Markets Weekly

Nov 23, 2014

Emerging Markets up 10% on Friday are bouncing in wave (iv) of a Diag > to complete the structure which indicates dramatic reversal ahead obviously this is a short-term swing trade, which demonstrates our money-making expertise. IN the chart above from the current 28 the minimum target is 32, when we likely reverse to inverse Emerging Markets...by then all markets will be synchronized to Crash in lock step

Feb 5, 2014 - Emerging Markets likely bouncing to trough a smidgen lower

When US Stocks plunge, Emerging Markets will rally in a Wave 2 upside correction of the 3-year plunge. Last week's turmoil in Emerging Markets is in the process of reversing into a Sucker's rally, before the final plunge to the low, as indicated by the red & green arrows, along with the long wicks at the low, indicate a retracement & reversal in process

Jan 25, 2014

The Big News this week was the Emerging Markets Panic set off by the devaluation of the Argentine Peso as usual, the downside in Emerging Markets is likely over, at most a bit more follow through on Monday, before a dramatic reversal as shown on the Weekly EDC chart long This is the move that stumps nearly every investor who buys, just when he should be selling

Dec 30, 2013

Emerging Markets show a long-term Bear Market in process, in its first deceptive correction, nevertheless this boun

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