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Market Timing


April 1

The (v) wave down should be the longest of 1, 3 & 5 to indicate a magnitude transition higher, and drop to a minimum of S&P 2023 before reversing UP to likely 2115, before reversing again in an a-b, resulting in a slightly higher top, to sucker in the Dow Theorists into going LONG!

Ranked #1 by Timer Digest for 3, 6 & 12 months ended March 30, for the SAME signals I provide here on the free Public stockcharts daily or the S&P!
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This #1 performance for 3, 6, & 12 months confirms New Wave Elliott? as the leading-edge tool for market analysis, timing and windfall profits. In Bear Markets, skill is especially pertinent since most ships sink with the outgoing Market tide, as opposed to rising equally during the Bull Market. In other words, our 12-month appreciation of 29.76% is 260% the S&P?s 11.46% return. We provide these identical signals and update them daily on our free Public Stockcharts. You may want to add it to your favorites.

This is nothing but a headfake in the S&P, to be entirely retraced, don't fall for the sucker's rally!

Mar 28
New post spotlighting the overvalued dollar and the inevitable consequences versus the value priced Euro for the US to be posted this evening or tomorrow once I complete editing, its one of my better pieces.

Mar 27
The same signals I provide to Timer Digest for the #1 ranking are provided here for the S&P...this can be used for futures esp one stock futures very profitably...once you get a taste you will want to spend a little for my subscription and get allot more profit. http://www.exceptional-bear.com/124.html
Many new posts on Exceptional-bear.com including from the Forest, beyond the trees to the leaves, as if you examined the market under a microscope to identify the fractals.

Mar 26
We will cover short & go LONG on the first close at or below SPX 2023. signal date: Thurs Mar 26


$ $ $ $1 SPX 30-min

Mar 26

Cover short & go LONG on the first close at or below SPX 2023 signal date: Thurs Mar 26...see the 2-hour chart below ...we need to step back a bit for perspective to estimate the low from the b- reversal

March 21, 2015

The upside in wave ii of the 3rd is complete the next plunge is a BIG one! - the iiird of the 3rd

March 16, 2015
Short at the close!

March 14, 2015
Below you see the detail of the 30-min chart. Of note are the volume spikes in the last 30-minutes of trading and the first 30 of the next day's. The herd is growing restless in anticipations of the cataclysm in the same way all animals can sense danger of an impending hurricane, earthquake or volcano eruption, telling them to flee for safety; humans instead block such intuitive message through herding 'reason & logic'. Another way of looking at an EKG of a person on the verge of a heart attack!

$ $ $ $1a SPX 2-hr

Mar 26

Cover short & go LONG on the first close at or below SPX 2023
signal date: Thurs Mar 26...see the gap in the 2-hour chart that is the most likely upside reversal ...we need to step back a bit for perspective to estimate the low from the b- reversal

Mar 14
Above in the 2-hour S&P chart you see three repetitions leading up to the high of Feb 23rd of bearish wave 2. Likely another three await on the way back up to wave ii, with a minimum upside of S&P 2105, to retrace the first touch point of the uppermost Diag >, marked by the dashed purple line. The blue insets are likely to be repeated on a lower scale as this is now wave ii of the 3rd, a degree lower than the previous wave 2.

Mar 10
Long at the close for the wave ii (red) bounce

Feb 19
We are short the S&P as of the close Feb 5, 2015 SPX 2059
The Market is now topping in most likely wave 2 (red) upside correction of wave 1 (red) down to initiate the Bear Market PLUNGE... Three Diagonal triangles (Diag >) is the maximum number of repetition of any pattern of the same magnitude in series. Wave 2C completes the upside and the a-b reversal is well in process. The first gap is at 2020. Before the SPX can climb higher in a Diag II (red) pattern it must first drop to 2020 and likely 2012, the subsequent gap marked by the red dashed line.

Feb 5 SHORT the S&P @ the CLOSE the pattern is confirmed, and must now drop to the area indicated on the chart

Feb 4
We sold the S&P to go into cash at the close, for Timer Digest where its all or nothing, in our accounts we sold half of the long position in XIV as an analogue

Jan 28
Covered Short @ the close to go LONG 2002.16
This long signal had been in place for several days, we modified it yesterday to go short after the clear Diag > indicated a fractal of the larger structure to complete in 5 waves down completed to day, for tomorrow only the a-b reversal is

$ $ $ $1b US Dollar Index - Cash Settle (EOD)

March 21 2015

Three repititions of any pattern are the max, see 3 irregular tops in the $US, three Diag >s in the German DAX, both synched the Shanghai stock Market, the $DOW & SPX, all set to plunge in lock-step...the knee-jerk winners are Gold, and the Euro

$ $ $ $1b US Dollar Index - Cash Settle (EOD) 2

March 21 2015

Three repititions of any pattern are the max, see 3 irregular tops in the $US, three Diag >s in the German DAX, both synched the Shanghai stock Market, the $DOW & SPX, all set to plunge in lock-step...the knee-jerk winners are Gold, and the Euro

$ $ $ $1Euro - Philadelphia ($XEU) 2

Mar 21, 2015 The Euro & Gold are Safe Havens NOT the $US. This configurations indicates a the longest 5th (V) wave akin to the US stock market from 1982 to 2000, for conservative types the Euro is golden!

Nov 18, 2014
Investment Tips for the current Bear Market

According to Jesse Livermore, most people don?t want to study the market to invest intelligently, they just want tips to play the Market, in hopes of getting seriously rich, and as Robert Shiller points out in Irrational Exuberance, the United States? Annual Wager stated as ?the amount people lost on gambling in 2000 was more than they spent on movie tickets, recorded music, theme parks, spectator sports and video games combined?. Just posted in Linked-in

This chart show how the Euro is beginning a NEW BULL Market of higher magnitude to trounce the dollar falling off a cliff, obviously timid ones should sell all dollar denominated securities to buy Euros as the NEW SAFE Haven for CASH

$ $ $ $2 DAX German Composite (EOD)

March 26, 2015

The DAX, along with the concurrent peaks in the dollar index & Shanghai confirm the Global Crash, the only safe havens are inverse funds, the Euro, the VIX volatility index and several commodities including Gold and Natural Gas, the fuel of the future, Oil is merely on a Bear market Rally back to the top before it craters.

March 20, 2015

The DAX is synched with Wall Street to Crash concurrency

$ $ $ $3 SPX - Daily Long since the 13 Jan

March 14, 2014
Diagonal Triangles, Diag >

A Diag > is a terminal structure which indicates the price has gone too far, too fast, as Elliott put it. A single rising wedge is bearish, and when a maximum of three occur in sequence, of the same relative magnitude, they are followed by a sharp decline retracing at least back to where the Diag > began. What's more, Diag >s subdivide in 3's so wave (iv) overlaps wave (i).

Jan 8, 2014
Read call-outs one more day of upside and we go short Jan 9 at the close, likely for the last time, the monthly 3rd chart shows the final reversal in progress

December 20, 2014 BELOW IS TODAY'S UPDATE
View the optimal Bear market Allocation. This public list contains our entire portfolio in weekly increment candlesticks with real-time valuation per share in the top right corner as the closing price. We are currently swing-trading the XIV the inverse volatility ETF for the Santa Claus Rally. Likewise, on Friday we scaled-out of YANG, the inverse China ETF, after locking-in a 10% gain in a week. Next we wait for it to drop back most of that 10%, to buy it back to reduce average cost & minimize risk. We follow the same strategy day-in and day-out, as others are on the wrong side of Market. See how our upwardly mobile portfolio stacks up against BONY's lifestyle allocation, likely to lose 25-30% in the initial crash and if held for the long run will erode at least 83% of these client wealth.
Yale's Robert Shiller presents that only

$ $ $ $4 The DOW Big Picture - Supercycle (III) arithmetic scale

Mar 7, 2015
The longterm top likely complete and the Avalanche in process once the upper Diag II gets retraced on the 2-hour SPX above

Jan 8, 2014
The final reversal is likely in progress to complete by Mon Jan 12

Dec 27, 2014
This chart in arithmetic scale shows the same Diag II both as a Bullish structure to herald the longest Bull Market in history, now reversing in a monstrosity of a Bearish Diag II proportional to its dimensions. As the Bullish Diag II (1987) was to the Bull market ended 2000, so is the identical structure inverted as Bearish Diag II to
Nov 23, 2014

This is BIG Picture Road map of the Market in arithmetic scale take out distortions of log scaled. Wave C (blue) represents the Fed manipulated 2009 trough, as stocks were bottoming, the inverse funds in our strategic asset allocation were peaking. Therefore the C wave is inverse funds is found at the top left and drops as stocks climbed fueled by Monetary & Fiscal stimulus in vain attempts to create a perpetual Boom! In the chart above the plunge to E (blue) is at least 3x as long, so the estimated profit to the C trough are grossly underestimated. by at least 300%. The call-outs in the chart above point out the magnitude gearing in both Bull and Bear Markets demarcated by the aqua line in 2000. Like the Great Bear Market ended in the Great Depression, this one should endure ~26 years rather than the 3 from 1929 to 1932. In that Supercycle Wave (II) , the Roaring Twenties was a colossal Bear Market Rally, like the recent segment C-D above it sub-divided into 3 waves to indicate the Bear market had far more to drop. According to Russel Napier's Anatomy of the Bear, study of 4 bottoms, the minimum drop is to 60% of replacement value for plant and equipment. While at Wave C above market values for corporate assets merely dropped the premium to go to par.... so it ain't over by a long

$ $ $ $5 S&P 500 Weekly

March 21, 2015

This freshly updated chart of the market Fractal freshly updated shows the magnitude transitions gearing up to plunge at 4x the magnitude of Wave C ended March 2009

$ $ $ $VIX - TVIX Weekly

Dec 26, 2014

Note the $VIX echoed in TVIX our ETN, we bought back a full position at the low limit of 2.5 on Friday and have traded the smaller spikes with tremendous success, why we never try to capture the last 1/8 or the first, these are the 'greedy' who invariably get caught, as in Indiana Jones & the Temple of the Doom - when they go back for more the roof caves in on them so the get nothing...so too with investing.. .Bulls make money in Bull Markets & Bears make money in Bear Markets but PIGS get slaughtered in all Markets. Notice that in Elliott everything of consequence repeats 3x in series, likewise the $VIX and TVIX have completed the 3rd repetition from here a SPIKE is due. the magnitude transition shown as (a)-(b)-A;(a)-(b)-B corresponds with the identical pattern in the SPX & the Dow; this is the pattern which I identified to morph magnitude by 2x with each repitition 2 x 2 = 4x the magnitude as the for the plunge...it always occurs undercover as a Bear Market Rally to surprise investors with a monstrous surge in volatility upon reversal, totally unexpected and under-priced in options and ETNs. Like most linearly projecting investors this is a property of the lower, vestigial emotional mind...note that to get back to the 2009 trough and the corresponding peak in the VIX the TVIX we just bought back at $2.5 goes to $11,000! No bigger lottery ticket with such high return low risk dynamics has ever existed!

April 20,, 2013
Ultra-Low VIX Sentiment really is a Red Flag

As market indices reach record highs, investors remain far too complacent. Under the
guise of low volatility, the $VIX has morphed two degrees of trend higher, in the
identical pattern as the reciprocal long indices.
Market ?fear? sentiment has been highly unresponsive of late, as record highs followed
one after another. In mid-March, the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), a measure of volatility
and fear, stood at a five-year low at 11.

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