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Chart Patterns
Trend Analysis

The goal is to follow trends and understand the market conditions through the market movers.
Changed some charts around, we will be heavily observing Price Action.

Please excuse the variation from RSI and Stochastics it seems RSI is best for trend following and Stochastics for range bound movement.

Topics by Page:
1. Daily Market
2. Weekly Market
3. Daily Market
4. Weekly Market
5. Breadth Indicators*
6. Performance*
*Undergoing some edits at the moment

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01 SPY - Default Style

4/24: Broke downtrend good stop around 232.
4/12: Failed to hold, ceiling at 2400.
4/7: Markets must hold the 50 SMA

02 $VIX - Default Style

5/17: Dangerous PMO Crossover on a 20% day.
4/10: EMA's don't really work on VIX, but it's price range is above the 200 SMA!
2/12: Still has room to float down, check the SS

03 GDX - Default Style

5/16: Major Resistance at 23.2 and 23.5
5/11: GDX Could be a large gainer on signal of trending MACD, keep in mind above resistance of Trendline & 50+200 MA's
4/25: Major trendline broken, ready to meet rising line; be aware of a 'bump and run' down to 18.5
4/11: Bullish, looking for a 40% retracement from here.
4/2: Watching trendlines and MA's for a breakout, this pattern is similar with VNQ

04 TLT - Default Style

5/7: Good Support at the 50 EMA, good entry near upturn of Stoch.

05 XLF - Daily Candlesticks, 900 2

5/23: 50 MA looking powerful, foreign banks looking healthier
5/17: Broke major trendline, as stated in intro bonds are a safer route.
5/5: Rejecting the 50MA

06 RSX - Daily Candlesticks, 900

5/26: May break pattern here and switch out for a different country in near future.

07 XBI - Default Style

5/31: Cup never formed, we have a bearish 'M' being formed here.
5/4: Possible Cup with handle forming, waiting for the handle!
4/19: PMO finds support near 0 and could go long on a close above 50 MA.

08 VNQ - Default Style

7/13: Revised* Looks like an ascending triangle is forming, similar to it's weekly pattern.
7/11: Fell out of it's channel to the short side
5/7: Decent channel and generous Dividend; nearing both EMA's
4/2: PMO crossed, watch for a cross on price with the MA's. Very similar to GDX as well!

09 United States Oil Fund, LP (USO)

5/18: Heavy resistance at 50MA

10 TAN - Daily Candlesticks, 1280

6/26: Above it's range, wait for price to return back to 50MA

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