Point and Figure charts make it Brain Dead Simple.

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Support / Resistance Lines

Brain Dead Trading with PnF charts.

November 19th The Russell 2000 has had 123 more stocks in O's since the close of October 31st!


The e-book explains the methodology to Objectively define Support and Resistance using any chart in any time frame.

Once you understand it, 'it's brain dead simple'!

Simply watch what price does at objectively defined support and resistance.

Readers have coined the term the 'Ted Lines'!

PnF charts are the 'yeast that raises the dough' and what you see on the candles charts are Support and Resistance based on PnF analysis.


..86. GLD - Daily Candlesticks, 780

The principle is that price is King and when it finds previous levels of support (or resistance) it will 'remember'! 114 .45 is the number. The PnF chart below has a bottom at 114 as well going back to July of 2010.

..981. $GOLD - Daily Candlesticks, 1024

1183 taken from the PnF chart below. This chart is End of Day only and does not update until the market closes.

..988. $GOLD percentage PnF chart

Percentage PnF chart where the box sizes increase in value based on 1% of the closing price.

1. $INDU - Daily Candlesticks, 1024

The highs of July (17151.56) with price moving above it for the second time. Always a margin of error intra-day.

11. $INDU - Monthly Area, 1024

Nov 7th! As of the close the DOW has gained over 4500 points since November of 2013. The horizontal line is simply a reference point.

11.$INDU Traditional PnF chart

October 13th, 2014 16350 is a quadruple bottom at 16350 with a box size of 50 points price must go as low as 16300 or lower for the quadruple bottom to be breached.

A triple top last June and July (6 & 7) and a quadruple bottom breakdown on October 1st at 16950

111 $BPNDX - Default Style

When bullish percent falls from above to below 70% it is time for a defensive position.

When Bullish percent moves from below 30% to above 30% its time to shift the bias. Fell below 70% when options expired in September.

Today is Friday Oct 17th and it's back to options expiry day, exactly one month later.

12.$COMPQ - Daily Candlesticks, 780

Watch what happens, and then stop watching and learn how to avoid mistakes! www.tedslines.com

123. $BPCOMPQ - Daily Histogram, 1024

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131. Nasdaq 100 Index ($ndx)

The Ted Line value at 4065 is taken from a PnF chart going back to 2000 The a move of 1/2 of one percent or 20 points above or below the line is considered normal.

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