Point and Figure charts make it Brain Dead Simple.

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Support / Resistance Lines

Brain Dead Trading with PnF charts.

August 20th Make that count 898 less stocks to O's since the beginning of the month. Just the facts.

August 18th as of the close today we can add another 100 stocks to X's.

August 15th Keeping count with a net 457 more stocks to X's over the week.

August 8th Net change in stocks on NYSE and COMPQ moving to O's on Friday was 1 (ONE). Just making it obvious.

July 31st. Over the month of July there were been a net 268 PnF sell signals and a net 1071 stocks moving to O's as of the close.

This compared to a net 384 PnF buy signals in June and a net 370 stocks to X's.


The e-book explains the methodology to Objectively define Support and Resistance using any chart in any time frame.

Once you understand it, 'it's brain dead simple'!

Simply watch what price does at objectively defined support and resistance.

Readers have coined the term the 'Ted Lines'!

PnF charts are the 'yeast that raises the dough' and what you see on the candles charts are Support and Resistance based on PnF analysis.


$BPNDX - Bullish Percent

The rule is a move from above 70% to below 70% is time for a defensive position.

..... NYSE Bullish Percent Index (EOD) ($BPNYA)

The rule is a move from above 70% to below 70% is time for a defensive position.


.....411. NASDAQ 100 Shares (QQQQ) candle

One message! If you know how to accurately find support and resistance you can make it work for you.

If you don't know, you don't know! It's in my e-book!

It is all about objectively defining where price has changed momentum or direction in the past. These are the TED Lines and they are posted in advance are are light years ahead of any other indicator.

....123. $BPCOMPQ - Daily Histogram, 1024

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....151. $SPX -

Just keeps making moves at those Ted Lines. The 20 DMA as of August 14th is being tested. It is the line between a bullish and a bearish bias,

1. $OEX - Daily Candlesticks

Support and resistance is where we may expect a change of momentum or direction and this is just one example.

11. $OEX A look back over 14 years

So simple to see what has happened since May of the year 2000 to 2014.

12.$COMPQ - Daily Candlesticks, 780

Watch what happens, and then stop watching and learn how to avoid mistakes! www.tedslines.com

131. Nasdaq 100 Index ($ndx)

Look left to be right. The number is 3837 going back to June of this year and still support as of July (so far).

2 $INDU - Daily Candlesticks, 1024

May 2nd! The intra-day high for 2014 last April was 16631.63. How about where price was last January?

Look left to be right!

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