Point and Figure charts make it Brain Dead Simple.

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Support / Resistance Lines

Brain Dead Trading with PnF charts.

July 25th Over the month of July there have been a net 118 PnF sell signals and a net 605 stocks moving to O's as of this morning at 10:00 A.M.


The e-book explains the methodology to Objectively define Support and Resistance using any chart in any time frame.

Once you understand it, 'it's brain dead simple'!

Simply watch what price does at objectively defined support and resistance.

Readers have coined the term the 'Ted Lines'!

PnF charts are the 'yeast that raises the dough' and what you see on the candles charts are Support and Resistance based on PnF analysis.


$BPNDX - Bullish Percent

The rule is a move from above 70% to below 70% is time for a defensive position.

........131. Nasdaq 100 Index ($ndx)

Look left to be right. The number is 3837 going back to June of this year and still support as of July (so far).

.....2 $INDU - Daily Candlesticks, 1024

May 2nd! The intra-day high for 2014 last April was 16631.63. How about where price was last January?

Look left to be right!

.....22. $INDU Traditional PnF chart

July 16th! A Bullish Catapult Pattern. The most powerful signal in PnF charting, but no guarantee.

....151. $SPX -

1985 is a Ted Line

....152. $SPX - 1 hour Candlesticks, 1024

Zooming in on price so we can see what price does when it gets to one of those Ted Lines! The e-book explains it all and daily videos shows how it's done 'on the go'!

....86. GLD - Daily Candlesticks, 780

The prinicple is that price is King and when it finds previous levels of support (or resistance) it will 'remember'! 128 the breakdown point last March!.

....87. GLD Traditional PnF chart

Sell signal in April 2013 and support in December 2013 at 116.

Oh! So simple!

1 NYSE Bullish Percent Index (EOD) ($BPNYA)

Knowing where it happened before is often a valuable piece of information. Less than a buck a day to learn how it works.


1. $OEX - Daily Candlesticks

Support and resistance is where we may expect a change of momentum or direction and this is just one example.

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