the Power of Predictive Techniques -- Spotting Shiny Opportunities (in Solar and Gold)

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3/19/13 One of the best way to play Solar is to long TAN, to avoid landmines of individual company issues while not missing out the solar rally. TAN also includes new favorite hi-po stocks like SUNE and GTAT....I watch the topping out event closely with the predictive techniques so trader mindset people can take profit and buy back later.
2/3/13 The stock market should see a bounce soon likely in the next few days or this week... Dow's support at 15300, Nasdaq 3920, S&P 1728.
1/21/13 Now is a good time to buy gold mining stocks, their momentum is clearly building (see $HUI weekly)... at the same time the solar stock's rally should continue...
10/9/13 The high potential stocks (social media, solar) have been sold off sharply but may have put in a bottom in the short term. Looking for a sharp bounce soon from any good news...
7/22/13 It has become increasingly clear that in the near term the Chinese solar cos have improved risk reward outlook over the US based solar cos... some favorites are csiq, tsl, yge, sol etc.
6/25/13 Start buying on dips on solar group, the correction should be over based on fibonaci's. Keep the entry prices low and sell into spikes....5/10/13 People who follow my list should be able to tell I have been a big bull of the solar group since end of 2012 -- FSLR, SPWR, CSIQ, SCTY, SOL etc. all have huge upside potential. I believe the group has entered the frenzy phase. With selected entry points on the charts one can still make good money... 5/9/13 The Semiconductor group (see $SOX monthly chart) is now in a major breakout mode. Expect the bull run to last for multiple years...
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$ $ $ $ $ $ Russell 2000 Small Cap Index ($RUT)

$ $ $ $ $ $ SPWR -weekly SunPower Corp. (SPWR)

$ $ $ $ $ $ SPWR hourly SunPower Corp. (SPWR)

$ $ $ $ $ $HUI - daily Gold Bugs Index - NYSE Arca ($HUI)

$ $ $ $ $ $HUI - weekly Gold Bugs Index - AMEX ($HUI)

$ $ $ $ $ $INDU - daily Elder Impulse System, 1280

$ $ $ $ $ $INDU -- monthly Dow Jones Industrial Average ($INDU) - monthly

$ $ $ $ $ $NYAD:$CPC - weekly OHLC Bars, 900

$ $ $ $ $ $RUT daily Russell 2000 Small Cap Index ($RUT)

$ $ $ $ $ $SOX - weekly Semiconductor Index - Philadelphia ($SOX)

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