Analysis of Market Direction ... Timing is Everything!

Marc Slavin

24Apr18 - Rising interest rates and earnings disappointments have Prices plunging. Updated USA ETFs (1000 to 1999)
23Apr18 - Updated Ratings of International ETFs (2000 to 2999) and Metals, Oil and Gas, Bonds, and Innovation (4000 to 4999)
16Apr18 - Market rising as War Fears subside. Updated Charts 0100 to 0300
11Apr18 - Updated Leveraged ETFs (3000 to 3999)

Road to a BUY: Bear->Less Bearish->Higher ->Rising->Turning Up->Bull.

Road to a SELL: Bull->Less Bullish->Lower ->Falling->Turning Down->Bear.

Err on the side of caution. Live to fight another day!

Table of Contents:

Charts 0000 to 0003: Commentary, ETF Rating Summary, Market Strength, Rating Methodology
Charts 0100 to 0999 Sectors, Indexes, and Market Strength
Charts 1000 to 1999: United States
Charts 2000 to 2999: International
Charts 3000 to 3999: Leveraged
Charts 4000 to 4999: Metals, Oil and Gas, Bonds, and Innovation


Market Strength Summary (Chart 0002) of Charts 0500 to 0620: On 20Apr18: Less Bullish

Monthly (LONG TERM): April 2018- Chart 0300: Monthly Falling Trend
Weekly (MEDIUM TERM): 20Apr18 - Chart 0305: Weekly Trend: Bearish
Daily (SHORT TERM): 20Apr18 - Chart 0001: Rating Summary as of 19Apr18: Bull/Turning Up (2), Neutral (138), and Bear/Turning Down (12)

0000 - Market Commentary as of 20Apr18

0000 - Market Commentary: This Chart is used for observations and comments of general interest.

RSI Green Arrow Rules:
Line rises from below 30 to above 30 => Green Arrow up
Line rises from below 50 to above 50 => Green Arrow up

RSI Red Arrow Rules:
Line drops from above 70 to below 70 => Red Arrow Down
Line drops from above 50 to below 50 => Red Arrow down


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