Easy $$Aug 29th, 60min Charts, Pg 1..Macd Zero will Accelerate Down., Pp 3-7 Vix Uvxy,Tvix,Nugt,Jnug

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Pp 1-12 is the meat of these charts. Other 31 pages Hold in reserve. Review all when there is time. Strategy. pcB Peak Overbot, PcB Trough Oversold which precede Macd Cross .. This is the Sell and Buy Signals for these charts. Stoch, confirm 80, 20 and midpoint. but I think pcB and Macd are all that is necessary. Do not try to 2nd guess pcB, when Peak or Trough act accordingly.60min Chart when Macd Crosses Zero.ACCELERATION OF PRICE
See Pp 41 43 Commodities Currencies

We should not be so complacent. Just sit back and SEE.. There is War Here and there is War There which could, will, Explode to a Major, like the WORLD. for What..Gas and Oil. War in Ukraine, German Security predicts USA will jump in someday, but not yet. Get out of Ny and Wash DC..will be the first logical targets. while there is time.

Aug 29th, Usd continues Up, Mkt getting support, CONT Down, 60min Charts, Pg 1..Macd penetrates Zero Acceleration Down.$Vix. Uvxu. Tvix, Uslv, Nugt, Jnug..
Aug 28th, I updated some of the MoMos Pg 11-13,,Googl,Amzn,Sell gone, Aapl Tsla Next, Blue Chip MoMos, Abercrombie dove today, Soybean Meal Up 8pc in 2 days, Animals have to eat. What..GMO soy and You eat the cows.Grass Fed only..GMO makes you and children sterile. See youtube.com 'Seeds of Death' Monsanto is sporsoring NFL this season, Please complain.
Aug 28,Pg8,USLV Silver, Buy Signal, Ugaz doing Well, Pg 8, Pp 41-43 Grains Up Big after the Long Declines. USD backtest to 82.650, Charts working precisely tuned, said Mkt would accelerate Down which started at 12 a.m. Vix Uvxy Alert yesterday, Will SURGE Today Hold Nugt, Jnug, Gold Up 9.0 since 12 am. 2new foillowers Welcome., Thanks for Votes.
Aug 27, The Nail In The Petrodollar Coffin: Gazprom Begins Accepting Payment For Oil In Ruble, Yuan and Yuan for Ruble, ZeroHedge.com WILL THE U.S. BOMB RUSSIA? Dont think so. Syria Yes. Putin just imposed his Sanction on Obama, while German economy is spinning down due to Obama Sanctions. BLOW BACK CHECKMATE. Goes the USD goes the USA goes the Food Stamps a


$$-1 Daily SPX , Buy Aug 8, Aug 22, Take your profits 28th, could, WILL see Acceleration Down

July 9th, If you need a hand: stemsmexico@gmail.com, skype: stememexico3 Rules..see below next chart. If you are confused. wrIte me.
Ok Still a bit of confusion about 1min charts. Above Macd Zero is Up, Below Macd Zero is Down, I refer to this as a flip flop when there is a change. When too far from Red Line and Macd Zero, Issue is Over Bought, too far Below Oversold for Intradayers

$$-11 SPX - 1 hour Aug 8th Buy, Aug 28 Macd BELOW Zero, %B Peaked, BELOW 0.5, WILL see Accelrn Down

Here the Macd line are ready to cross down, which should happen on Monday.

$$-111 SPY - 1 hour Aug 25, 1.%B peaked, 2. Macd Bearish line crossed 3. %B 0.5 Crossed, 4. Macd Zer

$$-2 VIX - 1 hour Aug 21, favorable, 27th Move Up, 28th, ACCELERATION UP. Did you Buy?

$-11 SPXA50R - EOD Daily stocks above Ema50, a Reversal, marks change of Trend Aug 26 SELL

$-2 SPX - Weekly Purple, Vix 20yr, Long Term perspective. we may never see 2000 in our Lifetime EVER

Iraq War III starting before War II ends.. right into the laps of Iran- U.S. did the heavy lifting and after 1 Trillion usd for Iran.. U.S. Obama not doing well. Trading a deserter for 5 Muslim heavy weights.

$-2.001 INDU - Daily Aug 8 Buy, Aug 25, maybe the Top,%B peaked, Macd Histo declining

$-2.002 NYSE - Daily Macd, Aug 25th watch for peak, 28th Bottom fell out, start of Collapse?

$-2.003 COMPQ - Daily Aug 20, %BPeak, Macd Histo Declining, 27th Big Red, 28th Acceleration Down

$-2.003 NDX - Daily- 20th Peaked, 27th Macd Histo Declining, 28th, Collapse Acceleration Down beginn

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