Oct. 25, Daily Gold & Silver at NetDania.. Simple M.A. 3-13 crossed up.. wanting to start and Uptren

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WATCH FOR MACD 0.00 PHENOMENON WHEN MACD LINES CROSS 0.00 UP or DOWN BANG = PRICE Acceleration Watch for Macd line crosses near 0.00 Slow Stoch above 20 Buy and Below 80 Sell, confirmed by Macd Lines.. ANTICIPATE THE BIG ACCELERATION MOVE BY WATCHNG MACD LINES BEFORE CROSSING 0 zero stemsmexico@gmail.
FOLLOW ME From Switzerland near Zurich 10:59:24] Imre:: following you I doubled the money i invested in nugt, jnug options since last Technical Analysis Report.. stemsmexico@gmail.com. or if you have been deleted and want to be reinstatedl
Two Simple rules. 1. Macd crossing 0.00 up and crossing below 0.00 = respective UpTrend and Downtrend.. 2.. Slow Stoch Sell when drops below 80 and Buy when moves above 20. 1 & 2 have to happen or no Trigger


$ a a j1 JNUG

$ a a j1 JNUG - 30 min 15 DAYS - Only vote if charts are Helpful. you learn how to trade here & make

$ a a j4 JNUG - 2 min JNUG.. 3 DAYS

$ a a j5 NUGT - 2 min

$ a a j6 JDST - 2 min

$ a a j7 DUST - 2 min

$ a a j8 FXE:UUP - 5 min

$ a a j9 GDM - Daily

$ a a j9 GLD - Daily

$ a a j9 HUI - Daily

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