March 3, THE BEAR IS OUT OF HIBERNATION. Mkt Topping,Hold Uvxy,Jnug,Uco,If oil sutati

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Rules Follow my comments and arrows. 3min charts. Macd peak and trough Line cross and 0.00 Cross.. Slow Stoch. below 80 peak, above 20 trough
Mar 3 Bear is out of Hibernation., How high is high Indices and USd. still too much liquidity until there isnt.
Feb 27th, Youn know how we can smell rain before a storm, You can smell something in the Market now. Pg 1 Mkt Top patterns, Pg2, Gold Miners estab a base. Petrol.BRENT ready to break to Upside which means USD topping.
Feb 26th Pg5 GDM Buy,, Good chance peak in AAPL last chrt page4 then pg 5 which means peak in Nasdaq. Sell on 3min chart.Precious Metals pulled up from recent correction. Petrol Buy under 49 Sell 52.
Feb 25thUSD has definitely Topped, Could this be the beginning of Gold,,for sure maybe, Petrol Shorts Crushed Today, Just held positions fo couple weeks. Found bottome today; UpDown Acct, You are $84,485.34 ( +3.88% ) today. Sell Signal on SPX, Aapl sanctioned by China. Goldman Sachs does it again, Conflict of Interest ..recommendation.. right on with PO of 145, Ah Ah,BSm Jnug etc seems to be the bottom. UCO,ERX bottomed. Notice small candles on SPX, sign of topping.
Feb24th, all waiting on Yellen, Greece-EU. Sell Yellen the day after.
Feb20, Might be a good time to just to do the opposite. Follow the Indicators. Yep, I took a 'vacation' from this. But, Indices Topping,Uvxy. Can you see any positive coming from Greece.If Grexit followed by Italy, Spain Portugal, then China will Blow Up World Economy. USA West Coast Port shutdown cannot unload containers of goods ordered from China i.e. WalMart Target.. No Goods, No Sales, Layoffs. etc.Then we have Petrol layoffs. Gold seems to be bottoming. Jnug active since yesterday, usually precedes Gold itself.Petrol has upward bias. If things Blow Up in MidEast and one target is Saudi Arabia, watch Petrol back to 100 real fast. Oh, Goldman Sach revised target for AAPL is 145, they must have some AAPL to sell you suckers.

Febn19, Follow Indicatros, Seems like USD, Spx topped, Gold bottom., Petrol tradi


$$$ 1.10 SPXU Daily SPX Bear

$$$ 1.11 $SPX - 3 min

$$$ 1.11 $SPX - Daily, Sell Feb 25th

$$$ 1.11 02 SPXL - 3 min Direxion SPX Bull x 3

$$$ 1.1101 SPXU BEAR 3min Proshares

$$$ 1.1102 SPX - Weekly 6mos HYG JNK Lead

$$$ 1.114 $SPX:$VIX -Daily.. Dec 29th Macd Histo starting Down,, Usually Top or Peak of the Mark

$$$ 1.115 longUVXY:shortXIV - 3 min Trading Chart Dec 30th, Long Uvxy, Short Xiv When

$$$ 1.115 UVXY - 3 min March 3, Bear out of Hibernation

$$$ 1.115 XIV - 3 min

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