Aug 31th..Pp 1-4 All you need to make $$$, Macd above or below 0.00 SloStoc. 20-80 BUY/SELL ZONE

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Rules Follow my comments and arrows. Essentally Alphabetical Order.. Having prob finding a chart go to ChartList or and I will Add chart for you..Thank you for Viewing and Daily Votes at Public Charts
Rather than flipping to the chart you wish.. just go to any of your 3min, daily chart diff time frames as Template... and just change the Symbols DO NOT SAVE
Disclaimer recommendations ..Do Your Own Homework..what I see may be diff than you, but you can learn if you take the
RMB deval.was good for Gold and me..Usd/Mxn keep on hauling. VOTE daily..GO TO PUBLIC CHARTS to my site..ballot box there

Sept 1, Tonight Mkt & Petrol getting thrashed. DONOT BE LONG STOCKS. Gold 1170 is next obstacle, if it surpasses 1170-1200, on its way. Vix related Uvxy,Tvix Vxx, Nugt Jnug, Sco, Ery back in the game..No way can World Econony support the higher Petrol..S.Korea and China unwinding. USA is next once Obama takes his thumb out of the dike. Trump has big task ahead for him.. insurmontable..;Maybe Hillary is done.

Aug 31, Petrol and Sps peaked Short Op. SPX retraced 61% of leg down..Vix Uvxy Tvix Ready, Gold supported just about where I said at 1125, now Up to 1133, USD did same and getting battered tonight. Petrol..same..should back down from here.. world economy not good for Oil right now. AAPL .short it.or put it..out a few months. banking on China and Aapl projections down.115 is Resistance. Aapl i´watch a Dud..out of new products. Only reason we have latest Samsung, Isa won it with a 10 peso raffle tickt..70cents is wonderful! I dont even own a need for one. silly waste of $$$.

Aug 27,SPX 3min, this page is peaking, Jnug Nugt want to support here..Pp 2-4 USd Resistance at 96.0000 will be the determining factor PM inverse to USd. Watch you indicators..above or below 0,00 MACD..20-80 Slow Stoch.
Seems like I have lost track of time, looking at my dated comments. Shorty squeeze, but see positive with 3min AAPL below. See Coffee below, $3741 M


$$$ AAPL - 3 min Chart AS APPL GOES, GOES THE MARKET -- some say next AOL

$$$ AAPL - Daily Will AAPL make a Trillion Valuation? NOPE Aug 3..The Fairytale has Blown Up

$$$ AAPL - Daily ZOOM 3MOS Remember the Goldman Sachs price obj of 148?

$$$-31 AAPL - Daily 6mos..Questions? Thnks4viewing. Aapl IS THE MKT INDEX

$$DJIA WEEKLY 8 YRS Even Weekly is a SELL SELL RALLIES.. PANIC COMING.. what happen to 'Jumpers%6

$$INDU - 3 min

$$SPX - 3 min Short Term Now in Downtrend below 0.00 Macd and Slow Stoch below 80 on downside

$$SPX - Weekly 7 years

$COCOA - Daily Looks like start of a Great SHORT Aug 7th, THIS CHART FOR RULES Ag Commodities back t

$COFFEE - Daily THIS IS BEST TRADE I SEE FOR TODAY July 30..Did it freeze in SA?

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