Easy$$ Nov25,Sell Aapl pg 1, S Spx Pg 3-4, B Uvxy pg 8, Stay Long Jnug Nugt Pg 15-16----

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SCALPERS..GO to. Change Chart Settings. Upper Left of 1min Chart click, skin - 15 Sec, TO Change chart..just change the symbol, Update, avoids having to flip pages. I fo a tab i.e for Jnug,Jdst,Nugt,Dust... you need to be a member to do this.WORTH IT.. You have your own personal Live Chart..Use Windows Tabs. Make an extra tab for stockcharts which enables you to Annotate to make corrections and notes and will appear on Live Chart.. Follow Indicators PLEASE Long Term 3min are more stable. Rules .. just follow my notations .. on 1min Vix below. Is there a chart you wish.. just ask.. stemsmexico@gmail.com skype:stemsmexico3.
. SCALPERS..ALL 1 min Charts Pp 34-37 All in one place during transition i.e Uvxy-Xiv, Jnug-Jdst
Nov 25, Usa might Burn, Sell Aapl pg 1.Spx Pp 3-4 Buy Uvxy Pg 8., Pp 15-16 Long Nugt Jnug Short Dust Jdsst, there will be an attempt to keep Gold below 1200 until after Option expiration this week, but doesnt seem to matter Nugt Jnug today
Nov 24. Jnug Nugt Sell, go to Jdst Dust, 13:00 Watch: Vix Alert Off, Pg 6, Weekly charts sprinkled through my charts. Pp 1-2 Pg 15 Gold etch are quite revealing. As long as current weekly candle stays above the previous week.. uptrend is intact liek DJIA, SPX, Gold, Gdm Gold miners, Nugt, Jnug etc. However PE of Spx is bumping 20 now..and Economic out look only hopeful at the most. Sporadic Int rate reductions and CtrlP $$ is only thing holding the Mkt up. Wait til it hits and iceberg. Good luck this week.

NOV 21, 12:30Gold short covering has started. Slams are now around 11:30 a.m. use these for Buying Ops. if you are scalping have to watch charts or place stop sells. See if sqeezes before 4pm. the Friday Gold Squeeze worked again..See Weekly chart below, 2 more weeks and above 1240 ,, Gold is on the way to 1340, first big hurdle. If Swiss Ref passes. If doesnt, dont know. Swiss politicians now like the rest..stupid. Switz,Canada,G.B. and probably the U.S. have sold most


$$$ 1.1 $GOLD - Weekly See GDMiner Jnug Nugt Pg 15-- Pg.36-- trading charts. refer to 30min for big

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Positions Long Jnug, Nugt, Uvxy ..Will short Jdst Dust at Open You are $29,336.52 ( +2.08% ) today.

$$$ 1.11 $GDM:$GOLD - Weekly GDM . Pg 15 & Pg 36..for Nov 24th 13.00, Jnug Nugt Sell Buy Jdst Dust

$$$ 1.2 $SPXA50R Daily Nov 17,According to past history, based on the close Nov 25th, took 8 days

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Nov 21,You are $118,877.80 ( +8.51% ) today.Currently Short Jdst,Dust,Long Jnug,Nugt Nov 20th .Close- $137,758.13 ( +9.46% ) today.
There is a Test Period to learn how to use the 3min 1min charts..See Tutoriol Pg 36 Jnug Jdst... You can test your ability at updown.com Stock Market Game
Nov 17 13.00pm You are $63,779.68 ( +4.38%

$$$ 1.31 $SPX - 1 min More Spx page 3-4 check longer time frames, must all go at once.

There is a Test Period to learn how to use the 3min 1min charts.. Got it right today.. You can test your ability at updown.com Stock Market Game at no Cost.
Nov 20 Updown Stock Market Game: $98,712.30 ( +6.63% ) today. Long Jnug Nugt Erx Boil Ugaz Short Jdst Illustration of leverage with ETFs

$$$ 1.32 $VIX - 1 min More Vix Pp 6-8

$$$ 1.33 $SPX - Daily 7 YEARS More Indices Etfs Vix, Uvxy, Xiv, Svxy, Nugt, Tna, Tza, Jnug, Drv, Drn

November 3rd Up Down Play Acct. I held onto these position since Sep 16 to see what would happen LOSS ABOUT $1Million.
You are $52,100.80 ( +3.24% ) today.

Stock Last Price Paid

ACCOUNT BALANCE $1,566.80 see what we can do from here with the New Charts
Nov 4th Portfolio Value$1,623,739.27

$$$ 1.4 AAPL - 1 min 1-3-5 Minute Charts reduced to 5 day Beutiful for Scalping, Entry Exit w Profi

MO MOs starting Pg 23.26, Aapl Bama Twtr only 3 which are not disasters .. When Aapl goes so does the Nasdaq

$$$ 1.5 AAPL - 3 min Charts. MACD: Lines Crossing Down was the Sell from an overbot position

Nov 1st. I have added Daily with 5min charts to most, will catch up with Gold and Silver later. I have been trying my Best to take the Confusion out. RULE: ABOVE AND BELOW MACD ZERO, respectively are UpTrends and DownTrends. Please go to Pp 4-5 SPY and you will see the Bottom of this last Leg Up was Oct 16th, Daily a day or so later, 1min a day sonner. What I am saying is all you have to do now is watch Zero MACD crossings Up or Down. In review, if TNA, pg 10, does not rally on Monday Nov 3rd, this could be a top, if a Rally we are near the top for the Daily SPX, the Macd is Negative, see my notes. You know, I almost said to myself Puke, there is nothing which can beat the Market after all the surprises like overnight Japan putting their Yen printing presses now in overdrive. But when you see the SPX going back 7 years, you will see that you should have been Long the entire time for the exception of only two Corrections. Good Luck. Why I am doing this, I finally saw some hope by looking at all the Time Frames. You will see that maybe the Daily is all you need for the exception of the volatile Etfs like $Vix for timing..where one has to get In and Out real pronto. I am striving to make this profitable and want to share my findings. Want another Aapl, pg1, keep and eye on 3x Etfs like Drn, Tza, Jnug which have been disasters, but will reverse in time and the time may be now. Jnut from $5 to $50 we know is feasible for we have seen $50 to $5 have we not. and DRN Real Estate Bull from $5 to $70 since 2009, so watch DRV. Be Patient and wait for All Time Frames. Good Luck.

$$$-1 AAPL - 5 min Oct 28th, Buy supported at Macd Aapl goes, the Mkt goes

$$$-2 AAPL - 15 min %B below 0.50 Macd below Zero Sell, Oct 24, initiating Buy with Macd lines cros

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