Easy$$Dec19, Be nimble, Spx not holding Oil flipped bef Wtic bottom Sugg: Rusl:Russ Jnug:Jdst,Uco:Sc

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SCALPERS..GO to. Change Chart Settings. Upper Left of 1min Chart click, skin - 15 Sec, TO Change chart..just change the symbol, Update, avoids having to flip pages. I fo a tab i.e for Jnug,Jdst,Nugt,Dust... you need to be a member to do this.WORTH IT.. You have your own personal Live Chart..Use Windows Tabs. Make an extra tab for stockcharts which enables you to Annotate to make corrections and notes and will appear on Live Chart.. Follow Indicators PLEASE Long Term 3min are more stable. Rules MACD above 0.00 Uptren, below 0.00 Downtrend... just follow my notations .. on 1min Vix below. Is there a chart you wish.. just ask.. stemsmexico@gmail.com skype:stemsmexico3. Caveat: If you do these spreads, they are the most volatile animals traded, learn to take profits usually after the open if Intradayer. Daily Histographs are for long term to take advantage of the Full Cycle. Seel Mkt on Rallies, Buy Gold on Dips
Dec 19, Spx DOJI Close, Uvxy:Xiv Ready,.Failed. Deviation: Ery:Erx Watch Indices for possible Top, Option Exp today, Gold should break above 1200 on Monday, we had a nice bounce in Jnug Nugt..buy dips..ready to go. As I say, I broker physical Gold. Not much available. Many more Buyers than Sellers.
Dec 18, Petrol Dead Cat, Ery:Erx Again Gold will be kept under 1200 so the Sellers of Calls keep the Premium. Obviously All flipped yesterday to Bull Spreads..China will be there to Bail Out Russia. Lucky guess on Long Rusl yesterday..but exactly what I was thinking. I took my Acct in Usa and moved it south to Mxn Pesos also to lock in my gain. Before Usd starts down, Silver and Gold. Go to Banco Azteca has the lowest commission on Gold and Silver oz coins. Obama, the Monkey, doesnt have a chance against the Golden Bear Putin.
Dec 17, As you saw today, if you do these .. you have to be watching the charts constantly particularly during FOMC. Indices, Russia, Petrok Gold Miners All flipped today.
Dec 17, Oops Gold down, GDM has an extraordinary day, pg 4 Gold Miners seem to be bottoming. Fomc, short the rally,


$$$ 1 RUSS:RUSL Long Bear, One day the Reverse Dec 17, Russ Stocks, FLIP Big Rally EXPLOSIVE

$$$ 1 RUSS:RUSL This spread flipped Dec 17, go to Rusl:Russ

DEC 15, You are $52,018.39 ( +4.83% ) today. TURNED THE CORNER TODAY, positions Jnug:Jdst,Nugt:Dust,Rusl, closed out Ery:Erx with big gain..

$$$ 1.01 RUSL:RUSS - 1 hour Putin the Bear maybe winning agaist the Monkey..guess who

$$$ 1.10 SPX - Weekly 6mos Dec 15th, As we can see Mkt flipped down Week of Dec 8th HYG JNK Lead

Updown.com Practice Investing $1,368,000 Cash Value at Open Dec 4th.
Dec 12, UpDown Acct $16,049.72 ( +1.54% ) Long Uvxy Ery Jnug, Short Erx Dust,Jdst-- but wait- Jnug, Nugt giving Buy signal today.
Dec 11th UpDown Acct. You are Down $27,049.73 ( -2.6% )
Dec 105h $63,980.43 ( +6.15% ) today. Ery/Erx,Jnug/Jdst,Nugt/Dust.
Dec 9th, 10:20 $113,917.28 ( +10.95% ) today Long Ery Jnug Nugt, Short Erx Jdst, Dust. 10A.M. You are $98,243.55 ( +9.44% ), You are $73,336.59 ( +7.05% ) today. Short Jdst Dust Long Nugt Jnug
Positions Long Jnug Nugt Uup usd, ..Short Jdst, Dust,Fxy yen,
Wed Dec3, ),11:30a.m. You are $120,873.37 ( +11.8% ) 11a.m.you are $100,419.49 ( +9.8% ) 10a.m. You are $73,102.90 ( +7.14% ), Opening, You are $38,552.20 ( +3.76% ) today

$$$ 1.11 $SPX - Daily Dec 15th, there are no bids today for HY and JNK Bonds.. start of increase Int

$$$ 1.11 $SPXA50 - DaiLY Stocks Above 50day MA, May 2nd, Deviation Negative

$$$ 1.114 $SPX:$VIX -Daily.. Dec 19th.. Spx not holding its high.see if can hold gain.

$$$ 1.115 UVXY:XIV - 3 min Trading Chart Long Uvxy, Short Xiv When Sell--Flip

$$$ 1.115 UVXY:XIV - Daily Histo Daily Histograms participate in the Full Cycle. Long Uvxy, Short Xi

$$$ 1.14 Long JNUG: Short JDST - 3 min ...Jnug,Jdst,Nugt,Dust Pg 19, Page 43, Mon Dec 15, Tues shoul

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