Mar 26,Back into Jnug Nugt, Hold Uco Uvxy, Petrol Yemen war on border of Saudi , Spx Sell HoldUVXY

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Rules Follow my comments and arrows. 3min charts. Macd peak and trough Line cross and 0.00 Cross.Macd above 0.00 UPtrend, below 0.00 downtrend.. Slow Stoch. below 80 peak, above 20 trough
Mar 25 Crash, Hold Uvxy, USD Buy signal, 30min at, Protect Profits Jnug Nugt.Use Stops SOLD, see Jdst Dust, Spx peaking, watch Uvxy to cross above 3min Macd. Petrol Up bias. if Yemen flows into Saudi, Oil not going down.
USD Beast just threw Up. Precious Metals on their way Up. Oil finding support.
USD like an insatiable beast, they keep feeding it. Gold has bottomed. Petrol Doiwn some more, Matter of time when the Indices take their turn Down despite the Rigged Market.
Mar 23, PMs bottomes, De-Usd major US Allies abandoning Obama to AIIB Asian Bank. Note how Security has changed since 911. Homeland, National Security etc. Govt can now monitor your Cell calls with 3 planes in the air with monitoring devices. Obama interrupted reign of Bush and Clinton Empire. 2016..that is your choice.Be sure to Vote. Do Ordain and Establish This Constitution of the United States of America...Blurred. Dr.Paul´s son will run if he survives.
March 18th 1hr USD Sell Signal could be HS Top, the Gold and Silver have been waiting for. Too much Crude is still in the dumps.
Friday 13th. Looking at all the commodities is Red, except for the Metals i.e. Gold Silver Copper etcand the USD.. Have a nice weekend.
March 12, Gold has finished Puking. Notice 3min Jnug Jdst..had negative Divergence and both crossed 0.00 repectively..Reversal
Mar10, GDM Gold Miners page 5, Bottom setup, Ready to Rally, Inidices Sell Rallies, Aapl Watch low battery life DOA, Gold, Jnug Macd positive divergence, be ready to Buy. Petrol, Down Divergence..USD going to 100? $300 used to give me 3500 Mxn, now 4700Mxn from ATM. Just the increase pays for all the rent ande food now here in Mexico.
Mar 6th, Watch for Capitulation for Gold. BEAR is now having a feeding frenzy on the Market (see sell warning since last week), feeding also on Pr


$$$ 1.10 SPXU Daily SPX Bear

$$$ 1.11 $SPX - 3 min

$$$ 1.11 $SPX - Daily, Sell Feb 25th

$$$ 1.11 02 SPXL - 3 min Direxion SPX Bull x 3

$$$ 1.1101 SPXU BEAR 3min Proshares

$$$ 1.1102 SPX - Weekly 6mos HYG JNK Lead

$$$ 1.114 $SPX:$VIX -Daily.. Mar 2 ,, SELL .. THE HOUSE seriously..Fukishima W Coast. CalNevAz. NO W

$$$ 1.115 longUVXY:shortXIV - 3 min Trading Chart Dec 30th, Long Uvxy, Short Xiv When

$$$ 1.115 UVXY - 3 min March 3, Bear out of Hibernation

$$$ 1.115 XIV - 3 min

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