Easy $$Sep16 15:30 Sell Spx,Buy Vix ,Pg 9 Nugt, Pg 11 Upro,Erx predicted Tue RALLY onMonday, Sep15,U

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Pp 1-12 is the meat of these charts. After Sep15 surprise Chinese QE, I went through most of the Charts to see which Time Frame could have predicted this. The 15min when the slope of the Macd Hist starts towards ZERO and crosses Zero which matches with the Macd Line Crosses, That is the Buy or Sell Signals on the 15 Minute. 60 Min Rules: Strategy. pcB Peak Overbot, PcB Trough Oversold which precede Macd Cross .. This is the Sell and Buy Signals for these char pcB and Macd are all that is necessary. Do not try to 2nd guess pcB, when Peak or Trough act accordingly.60min Chart when Macd Crosses Zero.Acceleration of PRICE
SEE NEW 15MIN CHARTS. Will put rules on the chart.. Longer term charts daily weekly etc are on back page for reference.
Sep 16, See Aapl Spx Vix 15min pg 1, Just discovered something, do you see what I See Macd Histo, .working on it. Pg 11 Upro predicted Mkt Rally 1pm yesterday, Pg 11 Erx 12noon yesterday, page 9 Jnug 15min and see the developing Buy 3 days ago.. Charts on Oil,Gold,Usd predicted Today, Amazing, 12:30 There goes Gold, USD confirmed Topped, Erx Oil troughed on 15th. China QE, Macd on $GDM, Jnug have been steady up for a week..Someone always knows before hand.
Sep 15,Mkt Short,Rally dev. in Indices, Keep accum. Nugt Jnug, 2min Buy Pg44, Oil Shorts, Careful, Suez Canal. Gold Green Candles since open yesterday 5pm ran out of Sellers, Mkt Cont Down. Ugaz jumped.
Sep 13, NOT THAT EVERYONE IS BEARISH ON GOLD.. TIME FOR SHORT COVERING TO START, ONCE THERE IS A 2% UP, SHORTS WILL BE LOSING AND WILL START COVERING ..$GDM 2ND CHART IS ENCOURAGING. INTERESTS RATES; TMV TNX Pp 4-5 have been loudly broadcasting this for over a Week. therefore Bear Real Estate DRV Pp 2-3 exploded as I have been anticipating. A chart is there for a Reason.
Sept12,DRV, Int rates Up, Realestate Not Good. Worse. Remember, one more month of QE and Kaput Liquidity, Pg4-5, 10yrBond 2.6pc, TMV doing good, USD Red Candle, DRV cont Up, Pg2-3 Mkt..no Upside follow based on yesterday,,Lots of Going Down Bias, Mkt


$$$-2 AAPL-1 hour Sept 11, Up goes AAPL Sep 12, 14:50 Test of the former high Sep15 SELL! 16 Called

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Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/15/2014 - 15:11

$$$-3 AAPL - 15 min Watch Peaks and Troughs of white Macd Histo and Zero crossings

$$-1 $GDM - 1 hour Gold Miners Index, Sep4, very over sold to Redline, BB Band, should rally Sep9th,

$$-11 $GDM - 15 min

$$-11 SPX - 1 hour Sept 16, if %B and Macd Peak.- Sell again

Here the Macd line are ready to cross down, which should happen on Monday.

$$-1101 15min SPX Notice what happens 15min when Macd lines cross Up or Down Histo cross at Zero

$$-111 SPY - 1 hour Aug 25, 1.%B trough or peak, 2. Macd Bearish line crossed 3. %B 0.5 Crossed,

$$-112 SPY - 15 min

$$-2 VIX - 1 hour Sep 11TH, Wait for the next one..%B, Macd Peak and Troughs, %B 0.5, Macd Zero, and

$$-21 $VIX - 15 min June 19, Oversold, a Buy,,,watch for green price bars,,use stop

When Black Ema crosses Red Ema changes the Trend,, when price is too far away from Redline.. Oversold or Overbot as confimed by Peak or Trough in %B, Macd line cross and other indicators.

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