Easy $$Jul30 SELL Sell Indices,BUY GOLD SILVER Jnug,Nugt Uslv HL, Buy Vix related. Gold should rall

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Zerohedge.com reported 2Br in SF now $1Million, fueled by hot money from IPOs.THIS IS THE TOP..Extraordinary charts sent to KWN by Tom C. along with his commentary, KingWorldNews.com, Keep those VOTES coming. go to SanMiguel de Allende real estate, for 1.75Million, you can buy a 7br7ba Mansion. and SMA youtube how expats say it is so cheap.. Property tax couple hundred dollars only a year.

July 31 Today, wiped out 7 months of gain for 2014, ,Pg 16, Weekly Vix above Redline, Pg 7 Ugaz, looks Buyish, THE DAY WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.. CRASH ON COURSE. NO MISSILE required. Just Stupidity and Greed, GDP up 4pc, Tell us MORE LIES. Average Joe Six Pak, is out of money, No more ATM balances, now cleaning out pension funds just to pay rent and buy food. Maybe there is trouble ahead. Buy Gold related with stop beneath low of day. last week, on the 25th, commented Sell all Equities pg3 NYSE 60min HS Top Charts would have avoided TODAY.Gold has to hold here at lower end of Rt Shoulder of Reverse HS. Hold Vix Uvxy Tvix etc.Cgo PMI plunged 2mos like Sept 2008. Oil avoid for now watch for pcB trough.

July 30th, Indices now Below Redline..Downtrend, Vix Uvxy Tvix now Uptrend. Gold Silver should start up in 2 days on completion of Rt Shoulder , $TNX Int rates Up, very bad for Mkt.
Now Iran on side of Hamas, then Qatar, then Turkey, This is start of a conflagaration.. Israel is Center of volcanoe.
July 29th, Erx Buy signal, Indices, Sell rallies, Vix related, Buy pullbacks, Gold Related, Buy pullbacks.

July 28th, stay with Vix Uvxy Tvix Nugt Jnug Uslv Hl. Yes, Oil is negative, BUT WAIT, when the Mid East starts exploding for Pentup Ancient Hatred. Things are getting Hot in Syiria and that is where Damascus is. The oldest city in the Mid East. Isaiah 17, Amo 1.. Are you ready to get Raptured. End Times? Enery will rocket.

marketoracle.co.uk Gold Price Strong Season Starts, Zeal LLC. adding to Gold positions.
KWN Jul 24, Gold should be up Monday after Option expiration. Always Friday a spurt in Gold and Silver, by end


$ 0,167 TWTR - 1 min, July 29, your Call Bullish, 31st and down we go

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$$-1 Two Month Daily SPX (green-blue) - Daily vs VIX (blue) - Red 21Ema - 31st, below Red, TOP iN

July 9th, If you need a hand: stemsmexico@gmail.com, skype: stememexico3 Rules..see below next chart. If you are confused. wrIte me.
Ok Still a bit of confusion about 1min charts. Above Macd Zero is Up, Below Macd Zero is Down, I refer to this as a flip flop when there is a change. When too far from Red Line and Macd Zero, Issue is Over Bought or Over Sold, use this as your Entry or Exit points. Coordinate with peak or trough in pc B, Green Price Bars to Buy, Red Bars to Sell, I URGE YOU TO LOOK AT THE FIRST 7 PAGES. Watch for Flip and Flops above and below Macd Zero..Simple THINK OF THE REDLINE EMA AS A MAGNET, TOO FAR AWAY PRICE PULLS BACK OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

$-2 SPX - Weekly Purple, Vix 20yr

Iraq War III starting before War II ends.. right into the laps of Iran- U.S. did the heavy lifting and after 1 Trillion usd for Iran.. U.S. Obama not doing well. Trading a deserter for 5 Muslim heavy weights.

$-2.011 GOLD - Daily Jul 9th,Be aware, correction, got the corexion, but two weeks to break upside n

$-2.101 GOLD - Daily 10yrs Gold Daily ready to 50/200 1312, Golden Cross July 9?, 1330!!! last time

Golden Cross when the 50/200 Ema Cross on the Daily Chart. met Resistance last week, This next week will be crucial in the continuance of Rally in Gold and Silver or a Correction. Positively, there seems to be a battery of Buyers at 1310.. Watch 730 to 8a.m. before the general Market opens, when the Sellers appear then are immediately slapped down, so if you are trading Gold on the exchange, that may be a natural play for a quick $10 surge and maybe a couple trys more to surpass 1330. Then 1390 will be the next resistance test.

$-2.11 $GOLD - Weekly Jun30th, 1328!!! Golden Cross on weekly is at 1360

On the Weekly Gold Chart, the Golden Cross appears at 1370, Four Up weeks in a row with only 7 down weeks for 2014. The Bulls are there but not in indisputable control, but very promising.

$-2.111 SILVER - Daily Golden Cross Ema 50/200 at 20.77, All In above this point, beware correction

$-2.112 SILVER - Weekly Silver White, Uslv pink, HL cyan, Gold Gold, All on one Chart

Resistance is clearly at 21.83, 70cents more. Shanghai Silver invetory is at low historical level. China is committed to Photovoltaic Solar panels which need Silver. I read horrow stories of what could happen. See Venenzuela and Argentina. The Petro Dollar is vulnerable as China continures to trade contracts and recently the 0.7Trillion gas deal and keep an idea on Saudi Arabia and China. China and Russia support Iraq's Maliki to encourage him to restrain the oil spigot to for oil prices higher. Would not be good for the U.S. Economy.

$-3 NUGT - Weekly Nugt Jnug have bottomed around May 29th Positive with Uslv, HL.. Jul 2, AU Golden

$-3.001 GDX white - Weekly GDXJ pink Macd is above Zero Buy, GDX will lead Physical Gold July 7, Lea

Notice the degree of Upslope is steeper then the last Downslope. The Macd lines are well estalished above Zero, inidcation of a short term Uptrend. All Positive

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