Jun30th,Grains Up 3%,ETFs: Corn,Weat,Soyb..watch Weather Ch.pg 1.Haarp Flood MidW.Rain from Calif.SS

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Rules Follow my comments and arrows. 3min charts. Macd peak and trough Line cross and 0.00 Cross.Macd above 0.00 UPtrend, below 0.00 downtrend.. Slow Stoch. below 80 peak, above 20 trough. TIMING, WAIT FOR MACDA TO CROSS 0.00 EITHER WAY..Daily watch Macd Line crosses..See my Arrows etc. WATCH DIRECTION OF MACD SLOPE AND DIVEGENCE TO PRICE. stemsmexico@gmail.com Add to 5min chart. Whatever you wish. START WATCHING DAILY 6MOS CHARTS..Macd Divergence and Contraction.. Holds you in for Longer term with less Whip Saw..Just use 3-5min to time entry and exit.. See my arrows etc. Like shooting fish in a barrel
REMEMBER: Macd above 0.00 and below 0.00 repectively UPtrend Downtrend. A chart says a 1000 words, SCHOOL.. PAGE 1 Aapl COCOA DAILY,a Buy on Jun 16
Pg1..I did a trial of Commodity ETFS,,my Experience as a Commodity Broker...Commodities will Trend more often..Always a game available. stemsmexico@gmail.com. ARE MACD LINES above or below 0.00?

Bowie County, Texas -
Farmers across Texas and surrounding states are now worried, after their flood-soaked fields have left little to nothing to harvest. Water was 7ft deep wiped most of wheat.Irreversible til next year. Idaho wiped out.Bullish for grain and food prices in general.. Most of veggies fruit grown in drought stricken Calif. Good for Mexico and Chilean growers.
July 3, Buy Jnug, Sell Jdst..Grains, Soy above consolidation..Gold found support at former recent low, China continual SLam. They have learned the game of go Short. USD hit Back Test of down Trading Range. MXN entrenched 16 to 1 USD now good for vacation to Mexico.
Example: $300usd at ATM used give 3500MXN, Now $300Usd gets 4800MXN x 6 for the month. Rent is still only 2000MXN or now $125 from $140USD before!.. Room in SF is 1600usd a month. I would have to go on Welfare in Calif. Live real good here If Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, rent would be more than double the $140Usd or $300Usd for a Studio. 3BR House on half acre of lush lawn and garden $140usd rains daily, no chemtrails, radiation,


$$$-31 AAPL - Daily 6mos..Questions? stemsmexico@gmail.com Thnks4viewing. Aapl IS THE MKT INDEX

$CAFE - Buy these with a Margin Acct to get some Leverage..Daily in years below to give max movem


$CAFE ETF - 15 min

$CHOC - 15 min COCOA ETF thin

$CHOC - Daily Cocoa ETN MACD lines Above or Below 0.00?

$CHOC - Daily Symbol is choc on NYSE MACD lines Above or Below 0.00?

$COCOA - Daily was strongest commodity.. THIS CHART FOR RULES Jun 16 Long Cocoa

$CORN - Daily ETF

$CORN -ETF Daily 4yr MACD lines Above or Below 0.00?

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