Easy $$ April 16, 13:40pm Buy VIX UVXY TVIX

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If you need a hand: stemsmexico@gmail.com, skype: stememexico3 Rules..see below next chart. If you are confused. wrIte me.
SEE WEEKLY SPX NOTES, Page 1. Idiot Simple Rules. INDICATROS above midpoint, get Axxs out of chair and stand back and see, and MaCD lines above Zero, Uptrend, Below Midpoint MACD below Zero Downtrend. Best time to Buy or Sell is just before MACD Zero. You can see 'shift' Up or Down at midpoints. See 1min SPX below, Dont forget 1min Charts Pg 10
Nugt Jnug Alert: PLEASE GO TO PAGE 8 Dust, Jdst, are setting off BUY SIGNALS. Nugt 2min has perfect Bearish Head and Shoulders. Buy DUST or JDST or Stand aside until this is resolved
REMEMBER. Quick 1min charts Pp 10
Happy Easter... Pg 13,, Solar Stocks.. wait for place to Buy for Long Term.- be patient wait.
April 17, Selloff of SPX at Close. 13:05 SPX not giving up. The higher, greater the fall.. 12:11..Get ready for Buy signal on Vix Uvxy Tvix, CMG up 50 then bang down 15 in a few min. 11:22, checking $NYUD,$NYAD,$NYHL, seemed to have peaked- MoMo stocks setup for a Short. $VIX related, seems favorable. GDX NUGT pg 7, support, Macd favorable. SPX/VIX continue watching MACD on pg 1, respective Sell/Buy setups.Obama is looking at Russia and China who are opponents unlike Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan. Just look at the $USD chart, I believe it has dropped from 85 into the 79s since last July.
Apr16, Stop loss if Spx does not start down before the Close. 13:40 BUY VIX UVXY TVIx SQQQ Sell NDX,Compq,Spx,Djia .Sell Mo Mo Pp 16 17 18 etc.. SPX and VIX related watch respectively for Macd towards Zero, Be ready.. no action for now. Remember, if Macd of SPX is going down, price can still increase until Zero is crossed before decline.and oppositely for UVXY TVIX. See chart below how Macd bouned ..takes two to three waves generally.
April 15, IRS --------..did you pay your income tax. I hate those SOBs, Are you American, do you feel the same.
Tue. Stay Long Dust, Jdst, VIX UVXY TVIX SQQQ. Sell Rallies, So called good earnings, somethin


0.01 $SPX - 1 min Quick Check.. 3 charts below $VIX quick, Apr 17, at $13 Vix is little risk

RULES. Stand Back, get out of your Axx out of your chair. If the Indicators are above midpoint and MACD above Zero. UPTREND. Below Mid and MACD Zero, Downtrend. Some of your are Taking Profits too soon. Apri12,Sat. See last chart pg1and first chart page 2. SPXA50,SPXA200, hits the Top and Bottom of $VIX with the $SPX on the nose. Robert pointed out to me the statisistial decay of TVIX and UVXY, so lets see what happens when the SPX gets back down to 1720 in comparison to last time. When the SPX strikes 1800, UVXY 70 TVIX 8, VIX 15 plus, if the latter are Less, then there is Decay. But so far, so good. Great week. Price Obj UVXY over 100, TVIX 11+ VIX 18 then 21.

0.01 $SPX - April 3 Op $VIX Uvxy Tvix Finally got it Right. 4 4 14 Mkt Died 1897.28 Will be high.

Reminder of Rules. Stoch RSI, RSI, pcB above midpoint Uptrend be Long, below midpoint Downtrend. MACD lines, wait for a cup and handle formation coming up towards Zero, Buy just as the lines are going to penetrate Zero, caveat..-Zero can also be resistance sometimes. Be patient, do no open a trade until you see the MACD cup and handle. Upside down Cup and Handle is a Sell with eventual indicators below midpoint. See page 5, chart 0.126 Nugt 15min for illustration. Scroll through the first 30 or so pages real fast and you can see how the Markets are developing at a quick glance. CHARTS EVENTUALLY ALWAYS VALIDATE. .Apr 7th. Greed Complacency and now FEAR are about to set in. This looks like it . Give it two years and SPX 500 will be 500. Got to 666 March 9th 2009, 3,9,9, Topped 4 4 14 Chart 0.02 Price Obj SPX 500, 579.Please go to ChartBook format on upper right then drop down to the left to scroll to the chart you wish.
Watch for %B Peak or Trough. MACD lines crosses X, MACD line as they X Zero, Price will be a,'Surge' in that direction. Watch Convergence and Divergence of MACD lines for timing and change in Direction of Price.

0.01 $SPX - WEEKLY!! Please see MACD as it passed Zero and soon below Zero. Start of Longer Down

0.02 $SPX - Weekly Px Obj 579 in 2 years Goes Up Must Come Down..Newton?

0.02 $VIX - 1 min April 17th in Buying range

0.084 $VIX - Daily $Master $$ Making chart..Apr 2, a Buy under $13 always makes $$$.B Brave

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0.0841 $VIX - Weekly See the blue arrows were May,2011, Blue arrows now. Same phenomena

0.085 Gran Master $$ Making Chart,

0.086 $XII - Daily Institutional Index, See Indicators, end of 2007, same setup coming. Apr 4, Sell

0.0861 $XII - Institutional Index Daily 9mos Zoom Watch forMacd to penetrateD Zero Down,

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