Apr 17 Daily recomm. beneath first chart Pg 1, short Usd,China,Spx, L. Rusl,Uvxy,Yang,Jnug,Uco,, Pg

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Rules Follow my comments and arrows. 3min charts. Macd peak and trough Line cross and 0.00 Cross.Macd above 0.00 UPtrend, below 0.00 downtrend.. Slow Stoch. below 80 peak, above 20 trough. TIMING, WAIT FOR MACDATO CROSS 0.00 EITHER WAY.. WATCH DIRECTION OF MACD SLOPE AND DIVEGENCE TO PRICE. stemsmexico@gmail.com Add to 5min chart. Whatever you wish.
WW III started with Fukushima, Population Extermination. HAARP directed weather is the Weapon. searhc.Leuren Moret Fukushima I II III.
Fukushima 2015 Pacific Ocean Dying youtube.com .Search Jet Stream. RadioActive Cloud path, If you live on W Coast Canada to San Diego..and Usa..Plutoium Dust nano size is loose. floating towards you. Millions of Marine Life Dying!. Looks like End of Life in the Pacific Ocean, Plankton, Starfish, Anchovies, Fish, SeaLions, Birds. IS IT THE END.. Dont Know. Plutonium most deadly element on Earth. South of Guadalajara safe..so far.
DO NOT FLY ANYMORE.. Radiation steals electrons from metals and makes them brittle. Like MH17 over Ukraine. Domestic Japan pilots ..cancel flights Pilots all dead from Cancer and Heart Attacks. Bridges falling down which means the GOLDEN GATE and Bay Bridge will eventually collapse like other bridges are doing... youtube.com. Leuren Moret.. or LeurenMoret.Info.
Apr 25. Nothing matters now with HAARP directed Radiation But SURVIVAL.WATCH: youtube: Leuren Moret: 'Global Nuclear Coverup ? Geopolitics, Jesuits & History'
..at the end of her interview. she tells of how HAAR´P is taking a typhoon over Taiwan, steering it over Radiation Fukushima and directing the storm splitting it, then over Europe and down the middle of Canada, then East across the USA..then to the Southeast USA. . TAKE OVER BY NWO OF USA STARTING WITH FUKUSHIMA..go to youtube and Take the Time to watch all by Laurean Moret i.e Fukushima, Jesuits, Putin.. interviews are an hour or more. TAKE THE TIME..to Save the Lives of your Family. Safest place to be will be Russia and China.. and Southern Hemisphere. Bush Family acqu


$$$ 1.10 SPXU Daily SPX Bear

$$$ 1.11 $SPX - 3 min

$$$ 1.11 $SPX - Daily, Sell Feb 25th

$$$ 1.11 02 SPXL - 3 min Direxion SPX Bull x 3

$$$ 1.1101 SPXU BEAR 3min Proshares

$$$ 1.1102 SPX - Weekly 6mos HYG JNK Lead

$$$ 1.114 $SPX:$VIX -Daily.. SELL .. THE HOUSE seriously..Fukishima W Coast. CalNevAz. NO H2O

$$$ 1.115 longUVXY:shortXIV - 3 min Trading Chart Dec 30th, Long Uvxy, Short Xiv When

$$$ 1.115 UVXY - 3 min March 3, Bear out of Hibernation

$$$ 1.115 XIV - 3 min

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