$101 S&P 500 Index Trend Made Simple

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As with Any Purchase, Look to Buy When the Product Is on SALE.
With Real Estate, it's Location.
With Investing, it's Trend.
Investing with The Monthly Trend is your Vehicle for Making Steady Gains with Insurance for Avoiding Large Losses.

1 $SPX (S&P 500 Large Cap Index) Monthly 10 MA & RSI
1 $SPX Daily Candlesticks
1 $BPNYA Daily Chart
1 IWM Daily Chart
9 S&P Sector Daily Charts

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1 $SPX - Monthly, 10 MA & RSI

The Intermediate Trend is identified by the Direction of the Slope of the Monthly 10 MA.

Change from Up to Down in Trend occurs with a Change in Direction of Slope after RSI has reached a level of Overbought (Above 70).

The Trend is Your Vehicle for Making Long-Term Gains & Insurance for Avoiding Large Losses.

In an Uptrend, one may take positions in VOO, VTI, SPY or any S&P Sector that is outperforming SPY.

In a Downtrend, one may take positions in money market or an ETF with a positive trend.

You can trade a counter trend position. With a counter trend position, place a protective stop order, which is insurance against large losses.

2 $SPX - Daily Candlesticks SMA`s & RSI

3 $BPNYA - Daily Chart with $SPX Background

IWM - Default Style

XLB - Daily

XLE - Daily

XLF - Daily

XLI - Daily

XLK - Daily

XLP - Daily

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