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Sunday PM...

Greece votes 'No' and the futures here and in Europe are
down hard this evening. There will be some chaos over the next few days
and the market does not like this level of uncertainty. Meanwhile
China stocks are falling hard.

Sunday AM

I put a chart of the US Dollar, Gold, Interest Rates, Bonds,
SPX, Euro, Yen first on my list so we can see the reaction of
these key instruments on Monday relative to the Greek

Saturday AM

There is a possibility that the last few days we have
developed small bear flags on the daily charts. A breakdown
through the uptrend line and then a counter trend rally back
to test the breakdown. So this can go either way. We will find
out very soon....7th chart below...Risk Assets.

Friday PM

Keeping an eye on the second chart below. The SPY weekly
chart shows price is right near lower Bollinger Band support and is on
the uptrend line. At the same time the Bollinger bands are
squeezed together so a sizeable move is coming.

The put call ratio line on Tuesday reached a level at which
the market tends to be positioned for a move higher. See
the Advance Decline Line and Put call ratio chart below..
10th chart down.

YTD Performance

Nasdaq Composite +5.8% YTD
Russell 2000 +3.6% YTD
S&P 500 +0.8% YTD
Dow Jones Industrial Average -0.5% YTD

The performance of major sectors year to date:

Biotech [22%], Healthcare [10%], Housing [8%], Consumer Services [8%],
Retail [4%], Technology [2%], Semiconductors [1%], Materials [1%],
Consumer Staples [1%], Financials [0%], Industrials [-3%], Energy [-5%],
REITs [-5%], Oil Services [-6%], Utilities [-9%], Transport [-11%]

Last Week Performance

Utilities [1.66%], REITs [0.57%], Consumer Staples [-0.33%], Consumer Services [-0.5%],
Financials [-0.69%], Industrials [-1.35%], Housing [-1.4%], Transport [-1.44%],
Biotech [-1.46%], Healthcare [-1.66%], Energy [-1.73%], Retail [-1.9%], Technology [-2.06%],
Materials [-2.16%], Oil Services [-3.5%], Semiconductors [-4.29%].


000.2 UUP Dollar ETF

000.3 SPY Weekly With Multiple Indicators

As long as this upward sloping bullish channel holds the market is in good shape.

000.4 S&P 500 SPDRs (SPY) short term daily

This chart of SPY is set for a shorter term perspecitive....indicators are set at lower paramerter....faster settings.

000.5 Power Share Dynamic Healthcare Sector Portfolio (PTH)

000.6 QQQ - Daily Candlesticks, Custom (800X1100)

000.6 S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX)

000.7 ProShares Short S&P 500 Fund (SH)

0001.5 Nasdaq Daily Chart Risk Assets...Key Indexes

A Daily Chart of the major risk on indexes.

0001.5 SPY Daily With Indicators

0001.55 Advance Decline Line Chart and Put Call Ratio

Market Breadth with The Put Call Ratio for guaging market sentiment.

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