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August 3> Understanding the trends of the market can help one make better investment decisions. First of all our economical environment must be divided and or separated between two basic area of trends which may include one or more sectors which brings us to where we are today and how one can take advantage of the sector trends. First of all: we are in a deflationary trend and not an inflationary trend as of yet. This includes oil and oil companies, railroads, airlines, trucking, housing, agriculture, mining, and commodities, with retail starting to slow and not to forget slowing of world markets and devaluation of country currencies. College tuitions are still very high, but that is greed by the colleges. As oil is abundant wordwide, until the oil price trend reverses back up, the trend of the deflation spigot is open and spilling into the markets. A good example for trading now may go from weekly Renko charts to daily Renko chart such as ERX. Others like DUST, JNUG, AND NUGT in specifics are now being traded successfully from 5 minute 3 day candlestick or HeikenAshi charts. Thursday, 5 min 3 day Heiken-Ashi JNUG yesterday @$8 and $8.11 was a good thing on Friday and sold at $8.72. Don't be greedy my friend and don't worry what others say. Do your own due diligence, obey your chart crossovers, and don't forget to sell into the rallies. For those who day trade, give the 5 min JDST, JNUG and NUGT (Heiken-Ashi setup) a try. Buy low, sell high. Buy the red bottoms, sell the green tops. Charts located in the watch section, starting page 14. LOL Please continue to show your support. Thanks.

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! ! $ $ $ $ $INDU - 30 MIN 45 DAYS Heiken-Ashi

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord:
plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

! ! $ $ $ $INDU - 1 Hr 45 Days Heiken-Ashi

July 20> NFLX may have topped after its split with a pull back today and a p.e. ratio of 201? SOXL, TNA, MIDU and the $TRANS struggling to stay upright. The $TRAN started their descent earlier last month. TECH has led this rally up with most indicators again at higher ranges. So love for the techies are again in play....QQQ AT ALL TIME HIGH! If China has topped and resumes its correction to the downside, it certainly seems logical that it would pull the world markets down as well, but more time needs to pass as our markets refuse to give back.
The one chart to high light today with caution is the $INDU chart #2. I have annotated a caution box as the $VIX has converged to the lower price range verses the $SPX, suggesting a turn may be coming. Also chart #3 is showing possible topping area.
Gold has broke its technical support level and metals and stocks getting slammed today. DUST up over $7.00 and JDST up over $3.00. $HUI AND $GOLD has now broke technical support to the downside and selling continues like water over the dam, just like a 'Chi -nee' water fall. Several of the large banks are hitting new highs, as they are the ones with the large short positions in the metals. Doubt if they will cover soon...
The weekly Renko charts are smoothing out the daily knee jerks, whipsaws and are showing price direction without all the trading stress like in many of the short term chart set ups. Plus the weekly Renkos are giving a good insight of direction of trend. It appears that this is a time of caution in the markets, a time to protect capital and staying alert.

! ! $ $ $ $NDX - 1 Hr 2 Mo Candlesticks, 1024

! ! $ $ $ $nERX - Weekly 5 MO Renko, 1280

! ! $ $ $ $nERX***** - Daily TRADE CHART 20 Days Renko, 1280

! ! $ $ $ $nERX***** - TRADE Weekly 7 Mo Renko, 1280

! ! $ $ $ $nERX*****- Weekly 5 MO Renko, 1024

! ! $ $ $ $nERY - Daily TRADE CHART 20 Day Renko, 1280

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