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April 16, 2014> At 2pm yesterday, TVIX and UVXY were a SELL, SELL,SELL, setting up a nice advancement in the $INDU which is up almost 375 points since yesterday. MIDU and TNA with nice move up. SOXL? Put up a new $INDU chart . Protect profits: 'When in doubt, give a stop a shout.' Trade well my Friend. Need some votes!!!

April 15, 2014 > 16th Amendment Day! Great day to be trading..... Market finished with an impressive $SPX 26 point rally from the 1814 bottom area. Shake out in $GOLD today or a turn for further correction?
2pm > After testing the 1814 area again, the $SPX has made a small triple bottom which looks corrective and not impulsive. Will the $VIX give a buy signal this time around? Profit taking on the TVIX....
3pm> $VIX shows top and $SPX is off to the races? Rather large bottom tail on the $NDX. Nice move up on SOXL and TNA.

April 14, 2014 > Nice bounce from the 1814 to close at 1830. Oil etf's were the big winners today. Less time on the commentaries from here. Spring is here and it is garden and mowing season time. Retirement will be included when time provides, but I will still trade the markets when opps prevail. LOL2UALL.

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