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Jan 31 > NEW charts for JDST and JNUG in the gold section, trade the 5***** charts (starting on page 8). Be careful of this market and don't let greed overtake emotions. I will trade what has been working and that is the $VIX inverse TVIX, UVXY, and CVOL, with TVIX preferred. Don't trade your emotions. Buy at lower levels and sell into the rallies. Plain Jane, nothing fancy, but trading accounts can grow, slow at times and faster at times, doesn't matter as long as they grow. Do you know what the monkey said when he whizzed into the money box? 'This will run into money!'
It's a Patience and Discipline thing...when trading. BDT wasn't today, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Meaningful this time? Stay tuned....
Trade well my friend...Stay right here with RoughDollars Best Charts.

Voting has picked up somewhat for which I appreciate....and welcome those who are new. Wife doing OK with radiation treatment for lung cancer, (43 total but now only 10 to go). We both thank you greatly for all your prayers and Christian Love. Special thanks to the American Cancer Society for all they do.

Proverb 3:13 Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.


! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $INDU 900x750 10 Mo Candlesticks. 1024

! ! ! ! $ $ $ 1A $INDU - 1 Hr 2 Mo Candlesticks

Bradley turn dates will be incorporated into this chart as they unfold. BTD's are all compiled around the solar sysem positions of the sun and planets. Bradley turn dates are computed and printed a year or more in advance. As theses dates unfold, care should be used when trading. Not all dates are meaningful and the market can still produce price swings at times when BTD's are not on the board. Watch for the BTD's, but as always stay alert.

! ! ! ! $ $ $ 1A $INDU - 30 min Candlesticks, 1024


! ! ! ! $$$ $INDU - Daily 6 Mo Area TMS, 1024

! ! ! $ $ $ $ $INDU - 1 Hr 45 Days Heiken-Ashi

Sometimes one who is trading, including myself, has jumped the gun in buying or selling. This chart being detailed but not complex, may help the timing of trade executions for those who trade. Notice of the trading opportunities of the $VIX inverse Etf's (CVOL, TVIX, and UVXY) using this chart. These Etf's are excellent to trade in times of volatility. The higher the $INDU moves up, the more volatility will come into the markets, from time to time.

Winning consistently in trading, is how wealth is built.
Always protect your capital. Remember Patience and Discipline..... Trade well my friend.

! ! ! $ $ $ $ TVIX ******- 30 MIN 25 DAYS Candlesticks, 1024

Trading the markets can be exciting and rewarding but only if you are on the right side of the trade.
With volatility increasing since December 2014, TVIX, UVXY, and CVOL give bearish protection and yield better than average returns in the event of market pullbacks and corrections, Market corrections are healthy but something one does not want to anticipate in, fear of their portfolio being devalued.

Of the three short ETF's listed above, TVIX is preferred, with good trading volume and sometimes rather large price swings of 10 to 20% daily. UVXY is somewhat pricey, good volume but OK.TVIX is perfect for swing trading the inverse of the $VIX. CVOL is traded on low volume but still makes nice moves.

Do you have a trading plan? Is the trading system simple to follow? Will it generate money continuously? If you answered yes to all three questions, one can say, they are on the road to creating wealth.

The question that continues to come up is: when do I sell and how do I sell? Experience will teach you that through the school of hard knocks. You may also try my selling method. Take 1/2 money off the table when your chart indicators flash a sell. The second half will be sold using a 5% stop loss. If the price moves up. move the 5% stop up as well. Your method may differ than mine, but whatever you use, always protet your capital with the 5% stop loss rule.

! ! ! $ $ $ $ TVIX - 1 hour Histogram, 1024

! ! ! $ $ $ $TVIX - 30 min 30 days

! ! ! $ $ $ CVOL - 1 hour 45 day Histogram, 1280

! ! ! $ $ $ CVOL - 30 min Candlesticks, 1024

Here is a inverse $VIX etf to trade the short side. CVOL has low volume but can give one a quick 15 or 20% profits in very short time frame, sometimes in two or three days. CVOL, TVIX and UVXY can get attention especially on a meaningful Bradley turn date for which they might zoom up or down.

Now speaking of the BTD's, have any of you wondered how some of the BTD's can be so accurate on the meaningful dates and also look so forgotten on the non meaningful dates. This brings about a question that must be answered. Do Wall Street traders know about BTD's and do they trade from them? By the sudden moves in the market, one would answer that question as definately yes they do know about them and use them.
Millions of the Moms and Pops that have their IRA, Roth or what have you, know nothing abut the BTD or movements of the market. They know nothing of swing trading nor do they care about learning to trade. They just put their money in each month and hope fot the best....

As life is short, one must take advantage of knowledge that can help accumulate wealth. I am willing to share what I have learned freely to others, hopeingly it may help lead to building wealth for them, while taking few low risk opportunities.

Proverb 3:13 Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.

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