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Wednesday Oct 23> Market whipsaws can greatly effect one's mind when trading, positions and trading profits too. I brought to the front a new weekly Renko Trade Chart of MIDU. It is one of the most timely and accurate trading charts that i have set up. Just by (changing the points box from .10 to .45) it works perfectly in reducing market noise and daily 100 dow point whipsaws. This Renko chart will keep one on track with the trend, whether it be up or down. This renko .45 point illustration is not found in stock market trading books, so copy and keep. The next phi-mate date is Oct. 27th and is also a major turn date. By the way, Oct 16th was a Bradley turn date. a coinsidense? Trade well my friend. Stay right here with RoughDollar....

Tuesday Oct 22st> Right at the opening, SOXL gave a sell candle on the Swing Trade 10 minute chart. Selling picked up in the afternoon and violated the rising trendline. The $VIX jumped up a couple of points bringing back in volatility. The area TMS charts crossed to negative territory. Weekly renko charts did not give a sell signal, but when they do, they have been spot on. Between the weekly renko and the weekly area charts of the $INDU, $SPX and the big four etf's, they all have earned a high respect in my book, for accumulation of wealth. I hope the charts are helping you all as well. The trend is your friend until the end....Never extend your welcome but raise your stops as the market rises,
that way, you may get stopped out but the profits will be there for you. Happy trading...and don't forget to vote.

'Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.' Robert Louis Stevenson
Proverbs 3:13 Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.


A! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $INDU

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $INDU 11 MO Channel

August 29, 2014 - $INDU and $TRAN both have formed double tops. $SPX and $NDX at all time highs with indicators becoming over valued again. The $INDU has completed a rather large and defined double top, but it too could work towards the top of the channel (chart 1) , which would be around 17,300ish. Ok here's the door your looking for! Oct 7th is another Phi Mate date and yes another Bradley turn date on Oct 9th. Is all this voo doo? The last turn dates hit on the last bottom and started with the current rally.
So the three options we have are:
A. Turn dates will be non eventful this time.
B. We have another decline after the holiday and lasts for the month of Sept.
C. Current rally remains in tack until turn dates in Oct.
No clues yet other than the XIV chart looks to becoming tired and the acceleration rate is on declining volume. So your guess is as good as mine. However if you trade the market, emotions must be set aside. Trade the major turns as they happen. When they do, don't be afraid with mixed emotions, but do trade the turns. As I said before, if the price drops below your buy price, sell and wait for another entry point. Trading from emotions, does not work, but trading from good chart turn points will.
With patience and discipline, and chart patterns that repeat again and again, is how one can be successful at investing. Find a trading niche and stick with it. Small wins again, again and again will create wealth.

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $INDU - 10 min Candlesticks, 1024

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $SPX - 2 hour Area, 1024

The next phi mate turn date is October 27th, and is a major turn date. The next Bradley model turn date
is October 16th. The next Bradley model turn date after the 16th is November 20th
and that also is a major turn date.

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $SPX:$VIX - 20 YR Weekly Candlesticks, 1024

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $SPXL - 2 hour Area, 1024 2

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ MIDU - TMS Weekly Area, 900

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ MIDU - Trade Chart Weekly Renko, 1024

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ MIDU - Weekly Renko, 1024

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ SOXL - Swing Chart 10 minute 5day Candlesticks

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