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Sept 25 > 5 PM > I am reworking the chart list this weekend and to reorganize this list. DGAZ, UCO and UNG have been relocated to the oil section. I have put up front a chart of using the JNUG 2 hr 8 Day Area Renko and a Daily 10 Day Renko. Set up your own daily renko Renko chart, then change the symbol to DUST or JNUG which will not work with a Renko daily setting. Not a problem. Trade the opposite of JNUG when it turns. The 2 hr renko will work but confusing with whipsaws. NUGT chart is ok but the JNUG has cleaner sharp turns for trading. All JNUG charts are for very short term trading as well as NUGT, DUST and JDST. JNUG and NUGT both have lost over 45% from their Aug highs, bur sporadic bounces happen often as witnessed last week from the Fed meeting. By comparing price levels of JNUG and JDST, it shows that the shorts are winning out over the longs.
These miner charts are to trade and and investments not to keep, but to trade. The price of gold in the last 30 days has held up well compared to the miners. Investing in the actual gold or silver metals is something completely different than the actual metals.

Well now its weekend here in NC. at the first days of autumn. After 5 in of rain in 3 days, mowing and yard work will begin. 12 noon Sat > Start up and test run of new 22kw Generac
system complete. Automatic test run is weekly at 12 noon.. Really nice set up and application. I will be having eye surgery soon including an implant. Don't know how that's going to work work with the computer? Enjoy your weekend...

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! ! ! ! JNUG $$$ - 2 hour 8 Day Renko, 1280

! ! ! ! JNUG ***** - Daily 10 Day Renko, 1280

! ! ! $GOLD - 15 Mo Daily Candlestick, 1280

! ! ! $GOLD -EOD- Daily 3 Mo Solid Line, 1280

! ! ! $HUI - 10 min 45 Day Area, 1280

! ! ! $HUI - 3 min 8 day Area, 1280

! ! ! $USD - Daily 4 Mo Candlesticks, 1280

! ! ! $XJY - 2 hour 6 Mo Candlesticks, 1280

! ! ! $XJY - 2 hour 7 Mo Candlesticks, 1280

! ! ! $XJY - 2 hour 7 Mo Candlesticks, 1280 2

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