RoughDollars Best Charts - Oct 31, 2014 - Money pumped in?

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Friday Oct 31ir sWhat a difference a couple of days makes. A parabolic move in force on the Market has kicked in. But where is this big money coming from? QE is supposed to be ending , right? Possibility that Japan is starting their stimulus program?
Miss H. Yellon was hawkish at the FOMC causing the dollar to become stronger and gold getting wacked, but really getting clobbered today, down over $30. Interest rates to remain low for some considerable amount of time? If so, gold is not the sweet pot. Money coming from gold and into the broad market? CD's at dirt bottom rates causing Moms and Pops to suffer with the savings rate of return. MIDU, TNA, SOXL, and DRN (newly added) are performing well. The weekly renko charts and the TMS area charts are reflecting this current upward move.
At the age of 70+, I have come to a point in life as to better understanding the markets, more so than ever before. Yes, several years ago APPLE was $9 and Ford dropped to about $1.50 only about 5 yrs ago. I think most of us do not have the foresight to foresee these wonders. That being said, the broad market will always present hidden opportunities. But at times, making money in the market is not quite that easy. The weekly Renko charts and TMS area charts are far more valuable than trying to trade the daily moves in the market. In time, Discipline and Patience will accomplish building wealth. Once a tested trading system is in place, stay with it. In any given year, there is always an opportunity to create wealth. What I like about MIDU, TNA, SOXL XIV and DRN, is these are the broad market ETF's, that over time can and will increase your wealth. Stay the course, stay with the weekly Renko and TMS Area charts, and stay with RoughDollar.

Be careful of this market, make money but protect your capital.
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Proverbs 3:13 Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.


A! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $INDU - Area

Phi-mate analysis was originated by Dr. Robert McHugh, author of many years ago.
It is a date calculated using the infinity of phi. (based in fibonacci analysis)
Oct 27th has been calculated by him last month and it is a date of plus or minus a couple of days as a possible market turn date. Oct 7th was the last phi-mate date.

Bradley turn dates are calculated with astrology and first originated by Donald Bradley.
The last Bradley turn date was around Oct 9th to the 16th and was spot on the recent market turn from the bottom.
I have seen both calculations by both men to be very accurate at times and also non eventful.
Never the less both calculations should not be considered magic or voo doo but to give an alert for a possible trend change.

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $INDU 4 Mo Candlesticks

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $INDU Confluence Chart 2 yr

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $INDU 11 MO Channel

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $INDU - 10 min Traction Chart Candlesticks, 1024

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $INDU - Daily 45 day Area, 900

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $INDU Weekly Area TMS, 1024

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $ $ $NYSE - Channel Chart 45 day 1 hour

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $SPX - 2 hour Area, 1024

The next phi mate turn date is October 27th, and is a major turn date. The next Bradley model turn date
is October 16th. The next Bradley model turn date after the 16th is November 20th
and that also is a major turn date.

A1 ! ! ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $SPX:$VIX - 20 YR Weekly Candlesticks, 1024

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