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March 6 > Was a BDT sneaking in the back door early? 18,106 was support, chart #10. I said a couple of weeks ago that 18,300 was a possibility. We did reach 18,288 which was shy of 12 points. There is a BDT coming up on March 14th. which falls on a Saturday. Also remember market turns can come without a BDT. Yes, now we know that the market is manipulated by the big traders and they are using these dates to juice the markets. As BDT's are just a date in time, there will be some that will be early or late or maybe even non eventful. Many charts and indicators are at or have made new highs now, technology being high on the list with the NASDAQ again at highs from back to year of 2000. Solar has been hot once again with CSIQ and TAN, two of the leaders. Do visit the Gold section and view several new charts of JDST and JNUG. Gold slipped back under $1200.Trade well my friend, protect you capital. Voting is support for my time and charting. Please leave with a vote. Thanks.

Wife now on 3 week rest from chemo. All radiation is done. Please continue prayers. As it is all in the Lord's hands, he is the Almighty and can cure all....
Many thanks to the American Cancer Society for all they do.

Proverb 3:13 Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.


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I do greatly appreciate your friendship, your support and your Christian love and prayers. And yes, I will continue this chart list as 2015 will bring many new things and challenges and hopefully can be a part of this with you all, as we accept the past but excitingly look forward to the future.

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Bradley turn dates have been around for years but it was not until last year that I recognized how important they can be correlated with major market turns. Yes, the wall street traders are using theses dates to juice the markets up or down, and very successfully in doing so. The BDT's have nothing to do with earnings nor interest rates, (nor gov't policies, as if we have those these days......)

Upon this detection, one might think the markets are rigged, but I'll let you be the judge of that.
From Oct 16, 2014 the market has advanced around 2000 points.

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After careful study of market movements and fluctuations last year and so far this year, I have uncovered the formula of how market timing of the big Wall Street traders have influence in creating important timely pivot turns and timely changes in market direction. The big traders are using a table of siderograph dates formulated, plotted and printed many months ahead in advance. This is the Bradley computation of dates derived from the movements of the the solar sysem positions of the sun and planets.
It is some of these dates that the big traders are moving and juicing the markets up and down.
This trading system of Bradley turn dates has been incorporated into several of my $INDU charts, marked and shown for all to follow. That being said, one can now recognized the importance of this trading system
Two things of caution: NO TRADING SYSTEM IS PERFECT....and no trading system will work all of the time.
As we go forward, it will be interesting to see just how this Bradley system unfolds for 2015.
Looking ahead for 2015, this should be a great year for trading the volatility of the markets and the Bradley trading system will be monitored and shown on my $INDU charts. The BTD's have really juiced my trading accounts and I hope the same for you.

Also, after studying the dates of Hindenburg Omens, recently since Dec 1st, for which there has been over 11, I have noticed that there has been no significant market turns or pivots that can associated with these dates.Therefore these dates are just dates and mostly unusable for timing the markets., so will discontinue to monitor these in the future. If something does not work to make you money, then get rid of it.

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Bradley turn dates will be incorporated into several charts as they unfold. BTD's are all compiled around the solar sysem positions of the sun and planets. Bradley turn dates are computed and printed a year or more in advance. As theses dates unfold, care should be used when trading. Not all dates are meaningful and the market can still produce price swings at times when BTD's are not on the board. Watch for the BTD's, but as always stay alert.

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