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Thurs Sept 18> an all time market high.
2000 tech bubble revisited again..... Is BABA communist China owned? How come insiders can sell before the 30 day waiting period? Alibaba-pay and not Ebay Paypal? How will the currency conversion work? What is the P.E. ratio and what about earnings? I think there is alot of unanswered questions, but the mutual funds being we had this little market mini pullback, had a chance to sell a few of their dead weight holdings. Now they are ready to play ball. Soft ball or hard ball is the question.. BABA is a service company and clearly does not have products like AAPL.. Twitter was a dog, and now a gem? Alibaba is a gem? I will step aside my friend. Good luck to all.

Wed Sept 17> when interest rates will start to rise. Doesn't really matter being that the banks are paying zip on cd's. Rise to what? Back in the 70's I was paying over 9% interest on a mortage note. What will these people think of next? Minus 1% that they take away from your monthly accounts? Talk about greed..... Market again overvalued, but just wait till BABA hits the streets. will it be smoke n' mirrors or a frothy frenzie?
Gold down $11.50, miners down 5.38. I reworked JDST and JNUG charts last night. Added a couple of new 15 min charts, a couple 2 hr areas, take a look. SOXL rallying hard like no tomorrow.....

Don't forget the two trading words my friend: Discipline and Patience. All follows always welcome....Please leave with a vote when you can.

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