Daily 2X ETF Indices Market Trends

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Swing Trading
Elliott Wave Analysis

WARNING!!! Elliott Wave 5 looks complete. Top was September 19.


$$02 - S & P 500 - 15 min

$$03 - S & P 500 5 min

$$05 - Wave Count - S & P 500 - 60m

WARNING!! Wave 5 is completing.

$$WLSH - Monthly long

WARNING!! Big Megaphone Top Pattern is finishing!!

$COMPQ - Monthly 1999-now

Long term count on the Nasdaq. This count warns we are approaching a top.

$COPPER - Weekly

$CPC - Daily

This Chart can identify when sentiment gets extreme.


$GDOW - Weekly

This chart gives us a global perspective.

$NYAD - Daily-5dma

This chart can be used to identify extremes. This can warn of us of potential turns coming in the market. Extremes are -800 and +1000.

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