Market and Technical Analysis:

Robert New

New Video 4/4/14 on the major Indices: Thanks for your vote! Please join Jack Steiman and myself. We offer Nightly Market Commentary, Focused Long/Short Alerts, ETF/Sector Analysis, a Discussion Board with intraday Stock/Market analysis, an IPO Corner and much

I Volatility Index - New Methodology4 ($VIX)

J French CAC 40 Index ($CAC)

J German DAX Composite (EOD) ($DAX)

J London Financial Times Index (EOD) ($FTSE)

J Spain iShares (EWP)

JSS Italy iShares (EWI)

K Gold - Continuous Contract (EOD) ($gold)

K Silver - Continuous Contract (EOD) ($silver)

K Tokyo Nikkei Average ($nikk)

Oil - Light Crude - Continuous Contract (EOD) ($WTIC)

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