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Three (3) new features of my Chart List are my favorite hand-picked IBD 50 Stocks, the Spyder Sector ETFs and the 13 Wonders known as the Internet of Things stocks!

The first two pages contain charts that measure perceptions of the overall markets. The main equity indexes (S&P500/ Dow Industrials/ Nasdaq) and key measures of bond markets, the TED Spread, Gold, Currencies, and special ratio charts in the special 'Ace way' that makes things clear and simple to see.

The 10 major Sector SPDR ETFs are tracked with Ace's favorite trend indicators and oscillators! If one understands the trends and cycles of these charts, then they will have a very good grasp of the major rotations of the smart money traders. These charts show up on Page 19 of my Chart List and their symbols begin with the letter 'X'.

The second new feature is a hand-picked selection of the IBD 50 stocks. I use many of my favored indicators on these DAILY charts, including the dynamic 13. 50, 100 and 200 MA lines. (IBD usually shows WEEKLY charts-- you can see DAILY here!) I show the proper bases on these charts as base theory is critical in the IBD 50 stock selection and CANSLIM systems. Of course, IBD 50 and CANSLIM are successful trading systems developed by Investor's Business Daily. These charts start on Page 10. I am not associated or affiliated with the IBD in any way and my charts are strictly my interpretations, Please visit their website to learn more at .

Finally, I have added a section known as 'the Internet of Things.' These are the 13 wonders identified by many investors as the key stocks leading the internet revolution as we enter the middle years of the 21st century. Now, track these stocks with me beginning on Page 12.

* IBD 50 and SPDR Select are trade-mark names; I claim no association with the vendors of these products. My chart interpretations are strictly one person's opinion of publicly traded stocks.


-0.026 a iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund (TLT)

UPDATE ON 1/26/18: As I have mentioned numerous times at my website (, TLT is on the right side of a long rounded top and now tripping on down through critical MA support lines such as the 50 day. TLT is approaching a critical long term over-under line at 122. Should it fail to hold there, we could witness a historic bond rout! Stay tuned....

UPDATE: On June 2nd, TLT began to fill the gap created by the Trump presidential victory dating back to November 8th. Once the gap fill is completed (and assuming it does get completed), it can be viewed as one of two events: 1) A confirmation of the Trump presidency-- the confirmation will occur when TLT begins to fall again AFTER the gap is filled. OR, 2) A repudiation of the good intents of the Trump presidency. Should TLT continue to climb, it could be interpreted that the Trump presidency is NOT meeting its objectives. A rising TLT signals trepidation in the markets. A falling TLT usually signals fast and loose speculative markets. Stay tuned!

-0.027 US Dollar Index - Cash Settle (EOD) ($USD)

Update on 1/13/18: As I expected, the US $ index has hit a new 52 week low. I don't see any immediate technical support coming in. Gold price touches nearly $1,340 on 1/17/18.
Update on 11/23/17: It seems not many people are paying attention, but the Dollar's long term outlook changed when the 200 day line turned downward...this key line will usually act to contain future rallies, at least until it is tested at least a couple times. Now, pay attention to the descending 50 day line which is intensifying the sell-off in the standard-bearer currency. When a price chart is in retreat, bounces tend to be 'bear flags' which will lure hopeful investors back in, but ultimately, they turn out to be 'death traps.' The price of gold remains stable under $1,300, and the story line is that gold investors are more concerned about the already telegraphed Fed rate hike in December 2017 than they are about the falling reserve currency. I believe seasonal strength will kick in for gold AFTER the FED meeting in December as the Fed rate hike will be a 'sell the news' event for the dollar.

Update: Major dollar reversal on Friday, June 4th following a very weak US Jobs Report. Notice that the chart predicted a possible pullback as the index reached the late January down-trend line, a key resistance point on the chart.

-0.027B SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY)

Heavy volume outside the BBs and Keltner Channels in early February 2018 suggests a bounce is coming after the big drop on February 2nd . However, a lot of damage on the chart could have longer term negative implications.

-0.028B Inc. (OSTK)

OSTK is an online vendor that accepts BITCOIN for payment on products sold on the site.

-0.029a - Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)

GBTC is an investment fund invested in BITCOIN

-0.029c CBOE Holdings Inc. (CBOE)

Love it or hate it? Regardless of how one feels about BITCOIN or the Crypto-currencies, one thing is certain. There is very strong interest in trading them. On Sunday evening, December 10, 2017, the CBOE will become the first major exchange to trade BitCoin futures. I hope my BitCoin charts can give viewers a sense of direction for the various stock symbols that are 'associated' with BitCoin.

-0.029C Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT)

RIOT has 10% of its assets invested in BITCOIN.

-0.029d Digital Power Corp. (DPW)

-0.029e - Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (MARA)

MARA announced in early November that they are purchasing 100% of Global Bit Ventures a tech company that mines crypto-currencies.

-0.029f - Internet of Things- NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA)

NVDA's server chips are in high demand by Crypto-currency miners. At least some of the more recent gains in the stock are being attributed to Bitcoin mania.

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