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Time to Buy 4.18.18

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by George A. Crawford III - MS Purdue Krannert Graduate School of Management(ranked simply as good as it gets in USA) 1985- 93% GMAT, BS Oklahoma State Mechanical Engineering 1983- earned in 4 years, SM South HS- Overland Park KS -KS Scholar 1979- 96%ACT

I have been arrested many times for trespassing and other fiction at KC area public owned stock broker offices, where the punks said my degrees do not matter- merrill lynch, or gave me a bull sht test they said I flunked- smith barney, painewebber, they called my home with threats- painewebber, tape recorded my responses with fake voices inserted as myself to use in court against me that judges used- smith barney, all 3 of these also sent me invitations or phone calls to be their client after the blindside arrest, and my reactions for decades. They talked of 'hating snots from schools back east who act better than us' My dad was a lawyer with IVY League degrees, a client of all, and set up trust accounts for me at all, they are punks, frauds, murderers? of my real dad and his sister? the person who lived as my dad after my college talked of murders and identity theft and he was not my natural father, a stooge look a like, and so? no one around here cares- and hate you people. The idiot finance profs at Purdue in 1983 talked of teaching us 'useful information' - efficient market theory and maximize stock owner value- they had such attitude and hate towards 'money managers' as I called my self starting as a teen, that they were disgusting, zero credibility. Wilber L. the main prof said the 2nd year 'you all can not do what we teach you' - his 'useful information' and that I would be arrested in stock broker offices in KC. None of it is acceptable, the public brokers/law enforcement/ states owe me $100,000,000,000/incident and back pay check of $5,000,000,000/yr based on hedge fund pay checks/licenses. The one thing Wilbur was right about at Purdue, myself, everyone else, including him, IS NO DIFFERENT THAN EVERYONE ELSE. I went to top


0000100 CBOE Put/Call Ratio ($CPC) - Daily

put/call ratio can peak at a market bottom

00002 - S&P 500 McClellan Oscillator (1-Yr)

The summation index can show the bottom in the market

00003 NYSE Bullish Percentage Index (3-Yr)

00004 Nasdaq 100 Bullish Percent Index ($BPNDX) - Daily

00005 NASDAQ Composite Bullish Percentage Index (3-Yr)

00006 SP Consumer Discretionary (XLY) Bullish Percentage Index (3-Yr)

00007 SP Technology (XLK) Bullish Percentage Index (3-Yr)

0010 uvxy 2.8.18

2.22.18- Holding on the middle Bolinger of the band

0010 vix 2.8.18

3.5.18 down below 20 today, good for market going back up with low vix, below 20

0010 vxx 2.8.18

2.22.18- Hanging above the 200DMA

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