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Here are the updated charts!


#0 S&P 500 Daily Report Message

#1 S&P 500 Month 13 Count Chart

This chart was made by Rory Handyside

#2 Advance/Decline Daily Time Symmetry

This chart uses advance/decline numbers of the NYSE to determine time symmetry for peaks.

#3 NYSE Advance-Decline Issues ($NYAD)

#4 S&P 500 Daily MFI Chart ($SPX)

This chart uses Money Flow extremes to determine peaks of rallys and end of trend situations.

#5 $OEXA200R - Daily Solid Line, 1280

#6 $NYUD - Daily Time Symmetry Chart

#7 S&P 500 Momentum Chart (Daily)

#8 $SPX Double Smoothed Momentum Time Symmetry Chart

#9 NYSE A/D Issues Hourly Time Symmetry (Cycle Based) ($NYAD)

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