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Here are the updated charts!


#0 S&P 500 Daily Report Message

#00 S&P 500 Large Cap Index Supply Chart

#0A Advance/Decline Daily Breadth Time Symmetry

Advances and declines are still below zero which does not represent strength currently and the confirmation of this as a bullish T is not even close currently suggesting a high probability of impending weakness unless it gathers strength quickly.

#0B S&P 500Hourly Advance/Decline Chart

These are hourly time Symmetries. The date range is based on the center post being located where it is or if it was centered at the price low. Support / Resistance levels are where we would look for failure should of those symmetries as part of an overall downtrend into an 18 month cycle low. The more levels we penetrate the more likely it becomes that the 18 month cycle has not taken over just yet.

#0C Jeffrey Young's MFI Inverted Daily Time Symmetry Chart

This chart uses Money Flow extremes to determine peaks of rallys and end of trend situations.

#0D Jeffrey Young's Participation Time Symmetry/$CASHTRACKER$ Chart

#0E Terry Laundry's Volume Oscillator Chart

However, this projection may be a lower high based on the fact we are likely moving into an 18 month cycle low.

#0F Jeffrey Young's Momentum Daily Time Symmetry

#0G S&P 500 Large Cap Index Support/Resistance Levels ($SPX)

#0H S&P 500 Large Cap Index ($SPX) Weekly Resistance and correction Chart

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